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China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Speedata is a great Android handheld PDA supplier with effective and convenient functioning modules, BTW, the sales are so sweet and nice. thanks!

—— Adrian

For the past 3 years, Speedata has always been my reliable and trustworthy partner, whom every purchasing manager would like to work with.

—— Rahul Thakare

Speedata is nice and powerful, whatever customized services I want , it will spare no effort to do it best with their engineers.

—— Jane

I'm so appreciate that I finally find the best manufacturer with high-good quality and competitive prices, and also support customized services.

—— Jeniffer

we're so surprised about your great wishes and nice video profile of your company. I will send it to our customers as well.

—— Jeremy

your product KT45Q looks very nice. and we use it on our assert management. it runs smoothly and effectively

—— Ricky

Thanks for your wonderful card.

—— Ricky

QC Profile


Speedata mainly focus on the whole quality from procurement, research and development, production, sales as well as providing R&D by ISO9001 all the time. here is our flow chat.

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(A)procurement model


Company products are composed of hardware and software. hardware consists of the PCB, chip, supporting materials (scanning head,Touch screen and other electronic components), structure, wire and fittings and other components. the purchasing of core components are from domestic agents buying from foreign brands, or directly from the domestic procurement. Purchasing process are including developing of procurement plans, Purchasing Orders and delivering payment and so on. For the large amount and longer delivery generic raw materials, we usually doing the right amount of strategic stocks in moderation according to market forecasts.
we establish a list of qualified suppliers and select the best 2-3 qualified suppliers for critical components by small batches Procurement, and occasionally evaluate them in terms of quality, price and delivery time.



(B) Production Mode


Speedata focus on responsible product design, software development, process control, technical guidance and assembly debugging,whole test and packaging work.
We take the mode of production by independent assembly and parts outsourcing processing. In the early stage,we arrange the less important processing production such as Molding, SMT, welding, assembly and other components by the outsourcing vendors (such as Tianjin HaiMai,Tianda Jingyi etc.



(C) sales model

Mobile intelligent terminal products are popular in wide range of industry applications, Speedata company is currently focusing on electricity, mapping, e-government,
Logistics, traceability management, fixed asset management, and other industries or fields, we sell the products in the factory direct way to provide customers or system integrators with mobile intelligent terminal device and mobile information solutions.
in accordance with the division,Sales departments has 5 distributions from Beijing sales one and two, Shanghai Sales, South China Sales and Overseas sales department..



(D) R & D model


The biggest advantages of speedata is independent research and development for the combination of the mobile information technology and industry business.
We set up R & D department, under the Ministry of R&D there are 3 branch office: software, hardware and technical services department.
software is mainly focus on software development, hardware on the hardware design and testing, and the technical services Department is responsible for customer service and technical improvement, all that form a core of research and development as well as technical services support by market-oriented system.


Every process from material purchasing, production, test inspectation are all controlled by ISO9001 quality management system to make the best and perfect products for our customers.




  • China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification

    Standard:ISO9001 CQC


    Issue Date:2017-05-20

    Expiry Date:2024-05-19

    Scope/Range:Wide industries

    Issued By:China quality certification centre

  • China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification



    Issue Date:2015-05-20

    Expiry Date:2022-05-19

    Scope/Range:Wide industries

    Issued By:The international certification network

  • China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification

    Standard:3C certificate


    Issue Date:2015-03-24

    Expiry Date:2024-03-24

    Scope/Range:PDA terminals

    Issued By:China quality certification centre

  • China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification



    Issue Date:2013-07-03

    Expiry Date:2022-07-03

    Scope/Range:wide industrial PDA


  • China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification



    Issue Date:2014-03-07

    Expiry Date:2022-03-25

    Scope/Range:KT40Q Barcode Scanner

    Issued By:China Quality Certification Center

  • China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification

    Standard:FCC Test Report


    Issue Date:2013-03-20

    Expiry Date:2022-03-30

    Scope/Range:KT40Q Handheld QR Scanner

    Issued By:LCS

  • China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification


    Number:CCRI 16.2086X

    Issue Date:2014-03-25

    Expiry Date:2022-03-07

    Scope/Range:KT50 Handheld PDA

    Issued By:CCRITC

  • China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification

    Standard:IP65 Certification


    Issue Date:2015-03-11

    Expiry Date:2022-03-31

    Scope/Range:Rugged Tablet PC

    Issued By:Testing Lab

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