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company news about Advantages of gas companies using handheld terminals in gas tank filling and management applications

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Company News
Advantages of gas companies using handheld terminals in gas tank filling and management applications

Gas is one of the important life resources in our daily life, and it is also a chemical operation product with a large risk index in life. In recent years, cases of personal safety and property damage caused by gas explosions have been numerous and are on the rise. In order to achieve better industry applications under the premise of ensuring security, the application of IoT technology and online real-time management has become a new choice at this stage. The use of explosion-proof handheld terminals or RFID handsets is conducive to the safety monitoring of gas companies and regulatory authorities in the whole process of filling, using, logistics, inspection and elimination of gas cylinders in gas enterprises. Handheld terminal technology brings new directions to the gas industry.


Handheld terminal for the safety monitoring of the filling and use of cylinders:


1. Can do automatic canning. The intelligent angle valve based on the Internet of Things RFID cloud security technology can identify whether it is the company's smart gun. If not, the valve will not be opened for filling. This is a good way to control the filling of your own bottles and prevent accidents.


2. Cylinder overload can be automatically identified. Automatically identify the amount of air required for the cylinder to prevent overfill accidents.


3. It is possible to prevent cross-inflation, and since each company's RFID cylinders have different numbers, it is possible to prevent fork inflation between different companies. The RFID handset monitors the process safety monitoring of its own bottles.


4. Eliminate illegal gassing, because gas cylinders can only be inflated in one company, and each time the gas system has a record, if the gas is turned down, the gas company can easily detect it.


5. Eliminate unfilled cylinders and refill them. The security records are linked to RFID tags. You can intuitively retrieve the previous level records and filling records from the cloud platform. Each time you inflate, you will check the security records of the cylinders. If the security check fails, the system will refuse to inflate.


So what are the advantages of an RFID handset in an application scenario? We all know that general industrial PDA terminal equipment is to meet some special needs of industrial scene applications. If we often encounter resistance to falling and waterproofing, etc., it has no effect. The same explosion-proof equipment can meet the safety requirements of the industry, and the application in these scenarios does not have to worry about some safety conditions.

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