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Company News
Advantages of UHF handheld terminal applications

Advantages of UHF handheld terminal applications


Since its application, radio frequency identification technology has been widely concerned by the community. Up to now, this technology has become more mature and has been widely used in some existing industrial data collection scenarios. According to the division of frequency bands, long-distance reading UHF handheld terminals (UHF handsets) have been widely used in remote reading distances. Simply talk about the application advantages of UHF.


Since the end of 1997, short-range devices have been used in the frequency range of 868 to 870 MHz in Europe. Therefore, the radio frequency identification system can also be used in 43 member states of the European Postal. Some Far East countries are also considering the use of this frequency range for short-range devices. Outside of Europe (US and Australia), frequency ranges from 888 to 889 MHz and 902 to 928 MHz are already available and are used by backscattered RFID systems. At present, the UHF frequency range of China's radio frequency identification system is 860-960 MHz, and the specific regulations are 840-845 MHz and 920-925 MHz.


The radio wave in this frequency range is basically not reflected, the quality of the transmitted information is good, and the stability is high. In radio relay systems, higher frequencies are used, and although the propagation loss increases, high antenna gains can compensate for this loss. Therefore, it is appropriate to use this frequency band, and the capacity can be increased, and more ways can be passed. But at the same time, compared with 433MHZ, the frequency band is relatively complicated and costly, which is the disadvantage.


The transmission distance below 135KHz is about 10 cm short, and the communication speed is slow. This band is open in most countries and does not involve issues such as licensing applications for laws and regulations. Therefore, the scope of use is the widest. Mainly used in pets, access control and anti-theft tracking. The most widely used of these frequency ranges are aeronautical and marine radio services. Timing signal and frequency standard services as well as military radio services. The frequency range of 13.553 to 13.567 MHz is in the middle of the short wave range. According to the propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves in this frequency band, it is allowed to communicate with black and white. This frequency range is used by different categories of radio services. For example, news and telecommunications services.


In general, UHF handheld terminals are generally used in a variety of industrial scenarios such as retail, logistics, warehousing, inspection, and manufacturing lines. In this way, the non-contact, long-distance, occlusion-reading method has a more reliable and practical application significance than a general two-dimensional application.

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