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company news about Application scheme of RFID hand held terminal in air transportation service

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Company News
Application scheme of RFID hand held terminal in air transportation service

Application scheme of RFID hand held terminal in air transportation service


Internet of Things technology is a very common application in the development of the current era, whether in industry or in life. Especially in the transportation field such as express delivery and logistics, it can be said that IoT hardware devices such as hand held terminal RFID handsets are an important guarantee for the development of the logistics field to today's scale. Whether it is logistics or express delivery, or LTL, it is inseparable from RF technology RFID handsets. So today we will talk about whether you can use hand held terminals to do something in air transportation.


As a new technology for fast, real-time and accurate information collection and processing, Radio Frequency Identification (hereinafter referred to as RFID) automatically identifies static or target objects through RF signals, and obtains data. The operation is quick and convenient, in production and retail. The logistics, transportation and transportation fields have been widely used, and have become an important technical means for enterprises to improve the logistics supply chain management level, reduce costs, enterprise management information and participate in the international economic cycle.


As a radio control, detection and tracking system, there are only two basic RFID devices, namely readers (or RFID hand held terminals) and several transponders (or tags). According to the different working frequencies, RFID has low frequency, high frequency, ultra high frequency and microwave frequency bands; according to different energy methods, RFID mainly has passive and active types. Passive RFID hand held terminals have short read and write distances, but they are inexpensive and safe. Active RFID has a large read/write distance, but requires batteries and high cost. In the air transportation operation, the safety of the power supply must be considered.


Using the application results of electronic tags in the field of air transportation, solving the precise positioning of passenger, baggage and cargo information, thereby achieving high-precision control of aircraft commercial load, rationalizing the configuration of the cabin, and ensuring the reliability of the center of gravity calculation. Improve the practical value of optimal management, and thus make a unique and substantial contribution to the green transportation of air transportation.


Nowadays, in China's civil aviation transportation system, whether it is the customer's baggage consignment or professional transportation service, it is necessary to realize the benefits through the information management, and then seamlessly connect with the enterprise or individual users. The hand held terminal can effectively realize all of this, and the Internet of Things technology improves work efficiency and adds value to information, which is favored by civil aviation transportation.

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