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company news about Assembly toy anti-counterfeiting anti-string application handheld terminal

China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Assembly toy anti-counterfeiting anti-string application handheld terminal

Toys are the beauty of children's age. They are the childhood sustenance of every little friend. Good toys can enter the children's life in a happy way, develop their intelligence, and subtly improve the children's multi-faceted qualities.In particular, some assembly types such as Lego, building blocks, and jigsaw puzzles can be assembled into a brand new image through each of the basic widgets, providing a broad mindset for children.But the same, in the production process also brings a series of troubles for entertainment. For example, the fake and inferior high imitation products on the market are rampant, and once a key construction is missing, this product is directly scrapped. Therefore, many assembly toy manufacturers have chosen to use the RFID handset in the handheld terminal for this product management application.


For these problems that cannot be controlled, we have implemented a practical solution through the handheld terminal RFID handset. First, install a UHF electronic tag on each imported robot component. When the goods are shipped out of the warehouse after each order, the warehouse manager scans each component through the RFID handset and management software, and registers the information such as the warehouse and the shipping date. When entering the market, market inspectors can use the handheld terminal to perform verification and verification of the RFID tags in the actual products, and immediately know the authenticity of the RFID tags and obtain relevant shipping information. In addition, when the user's product needs to be repaired, the agent or dealer can use the same method to determine whether it is a product sold by the handheld terminal, thus allowing the genuine consumer to enjoy a more thoughtful and considerate after-sales service.


Similarly, for some assembly problems at the factory stage, we need to assemble the corresponding components into a finished product after production, which is also a big problem for the staff. The electronic tags of different builds are scanned to obtain the assembly position, and then assembled quickly according to the advance.

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