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company news about Cosmetics e-commerce order information check requires a handheld terminal to achieve

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China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Cosmetics e-commerce order information check requires a handheld terminal to achieve

Recently, an article has sparked an overwhelming discussion about the need for women to use more expensive cosmetics. The time comes from a married woman who has increased her family expenses after giving birth. Her husband said, "I have quit smoking for ten years, should you also lower the grade of cosmetics?" After the incident, people held their own words and expressed their views on the consumption of cosmetics. But for my economic ability, it is generally purchased on some e-commerce platforms, and depends on the economic situation of the month. Cosmetics, as one of the daily necessities, is more expensive and smaller, and has once become the target of many counterfeit and shoddy manufacturers. In some professional e-commerce sales, it is often difficult to distinguish according to the order information, causing the situation of missed hair and other faults, causing greater economic losses to the enterprise. The use of a handheld terminal RFID handset can quickly confirm the e-commerce order information check phase to avoid all this.


Handheld terminal RFID handset technology has unique application in the field of anti-counterfeiting logistics supervision and management, and in the final check-up of package information of e-commerce. The establishment of anti-counterfeiting logistics supervision program can optimize the allocation of enterprise resources to the maximum extent, effectively improve the management level and economic benefits of enterprises, and protect the rights and interests of enterprises and consumers. The traditional anti-counterfeiting logistics scheme has the information not real-time and limited; the data transmission has the danger of leaking or losing, and it is impossible to establish a dynamic digital anti-counterfeiting and logistics supervision process covering the whole process. According to the unique ID number of the RFID tag in the handheld terminal, combined with the online data acquisition device, it can realize many functions such as warehouse management, logistics management, supervised sales and anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting.


Secondly, when the goods are quickly packaged in the offline warehouse after the order occurs, the difference based on the product is almost unrecognizable or the storage position changes, and the wrong order is easy to occur. Whether it is to make a higher or lower value of the wrong product will greatly affect the customer satisfaction of the e-commerce platform. Use the handheld terminal to quickly scan the product barcode or label, confirm that the information and the order are exactly the same, and ship the product.

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