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company news about Dealer's three troubles? Hand held terminal is easy to solve

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Company News
Dealer's three troubles? Hand held terminal is easy to solve

Dealer's three troubles? Hand held terminal is easy to solve


Distribution is an important part of the market supply and demand relationship. As the main way of transiting and refining market demand, it has always had unique business applications. With the development of the current era and the transformation of the market economy model, there has been a somewhat more years of operating structure and development system. Now, the three common problems are often a headache for us.


First, the pressure on store rent is huge, and the dwelling-style wholesale store is in a normal state.


Second, the cost of employing people is high, the wholesale boss does not dare to recruit


Third, no data analysis, the decision is not comprehensive.


It is no exaggeration to say that today, more than 80% of wholesale shop owners are stuck in the era of extensive original management of merchandise and manual bookkeeping. They just grab a wholesale boss and ask how much they sold this week and earned. How many? Almost no one can answer quickly, let alone profit analysis, turnover analysis and so on. There are few wholesale bosses who analyze the purchase and sales of shop products. There are very few data analysis and data analysis tools. It is the root cause of a large number of wholesale store decision errors, which directly leads to a short life cycle of wholesale stalls. Can not maintain a scientifically sound profit.


Then, based on the application of the hand held terminal RFID handset, how to solve these three problems?


In fact, the three difficulties can be summarized into one word, that is, how to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The cost of rent and the cost of employing people account for 20% of the profits of wholesale stores. The cost is extremely high. To solve these two problems, it is to reduce costs. Wholesale shops lack data management, reference, and feel the insufficiency of goods, poor results, and solve data problems, in order to increase efficiency. The RFID hand held terminal has a highly targeted function for the wholesale industry and is a professional solution tool that can really help wholesale stores to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


RFID hand held terminal with wholesale invoicing management program, in addition to the functions of wholesale inquiry, procurement, sales, collection, warehousing, inventory, etc., can also provide various report data, such as sales reports, collection summary and details Reports, purchase reports, payment details reports, commodity flow reports, inventory warnings, capital flow reports, business analysis reports, sales profit reports, member points reports, etc. Through the report data, you can control the invoicing situation of wholesale stores anytime, anywhere. Data such as sales flow, profit, best-selling, slow-moving, customer-selling, etc., provide big data reference, help the boss to quickly dispatch market strategies, and wholesale operation decisions no longer “look at the mood”.


The current stage of hand held RFID handset applications allows a company to gain sufficient advantages both inside and outside the market. In particular,In particular, multi-stage information processing and updating,, etc., are all necessary prerequisites for us to obtain opportunities and good supply status in the market. A little entry, sharing all the way; business data, at a glance, all of this is a profound manifestation of our market competitiveness.

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