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company news about Detailed description of the process of the hand held terminal in the file management application

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China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Detailed description of the process of the hand held terminal in the file management application

In the process of accepting and transferring the case, in order to better monitor the case handling process, statistical analysis, industrial PDA devices such as hand held terminals or RFID handsets have been fully applied. For example, the common case quality review, case information disclosure, etc., after the review, the hand held terminal can enter the case handling system according to the needs, and handle the file receiving procedures.


It is well known that the management of exhibits has always been the main problem faced by the case management work. The traditional way of custody is relatively extensive, and there are no standard for storage. It takes time and effort to find it, and inventory is very difficult. Beijing Speedata Technology uses the Internet+intelligence and RFID wireless radio frequency technology to launch the “hand held Terminal File Management System”. The system realizes the standardization, process and intelligence of exhibit management, and is standardized and safe.


Detailed description of the hand held terminal file management process:


1. Simultaneous record of case information Through the combination of RFID electronic tag and file management, it is possible to connect one object, one code and one object, and the RFID mobile phone scans the electronic tag to record the case information related to the evidence synchronously, and the retrieval is easier.


2. When the inbound and outbound automatic identification record file data enters the storage room, the hand held terminal can automatically identify and record the electronic tag; for unauthorized access, the system can automatically recognize and activate the sound and light alarm device; at the same time, the monitoring device will enter and exit the personnel. Image capture is performed, and all data is uploaded to the database for reference.


3. Trace trace of the file, standard management The scanner can scan all the entry and exit information of the exhibits from the system, including the time of entry and exit, borrowers, etc., to realize the traceable management of the certificate logistics.


4. The library and statistical report system automatically generate statistical reports, detailing the number of storage and storage locations, the number of outbound and related information, and the information at a glance; through the dedicated hand held automatic scanning library equipment, the disk can be easily realized. The library saves manpower and material resources and improves work efficiency.


5. Approval management For important and valuable files, the system can set the approval authority. The system will automatically alarm when the warehouse is not approved for approval. The person in charge of approval can make paperless remote approval for the relevant entry and exit through the remote terminal to improve efficiency.


6. Library function Since the electronic tag can be remotely and batch-identified, the system can realize the counting and inspection purposes through the RFID handset or the disk library hand held terminal. As long as the management personnel inspect the inspection room with the hand held device, the library and the exhibits that are not in the library will automatically generate reports for the management personnel to check.


The mature utilization of the Speedata hand held terminal file management system further realizes the traceable management of the certificate logistics transfer, making the work of the organization more efficient and transparent.

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