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company news about Email tracking solution is inseparable from handheld terminals

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China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Email tracking solution is inseparable from handheld terminals

For some postal or logistics applications, some important emails often require caution. For example, in order to avoid damage to some important items during the mailing process, we often need to preserve the items. For logistics express delivery companies, it should be treated specially. If you accidentally do not operate properly, it will bring greater market negative impact and economic loss. We often hear that some express mails are damaged due to the operation of the courier, and the destruction of famous wines, porcelain, valuables, etc., brings unhappiness to both parties. For the key express shipments, the handheld terminal-type RFID handset device is used to track the whole line, and the logistics operation status of each stage is protected in detail. The new solution for message tracking and resolution is inseparable from handheld terminals.


Deutsche Post has established an RFID handset terminal identification system for motor vehicles and postal items. This is a system that includes active tags (read or write on internal battery power), especially in applications in tough industrial environments. Every tagged truck and postal item can be identified. The memory of a tag includes a 48-bit fixed code, which has a constant tag ID number. Each special shipment information is marked by the handheld terminal to provide warning and security work for later operations.


The antenna is mounted on the entrance and exit gates of the freight center. The system reads and writes at 868 MHz. When a truck arrives at the entrance of the freight center, the automatic identification system reads the fixed code of the tag through the antenna, and uses sophisticated anti-collision algorithms (that is, multiple objects can be identified at the same time). The system can identify both the truck and the post. Things. At the same time, the host records that the vehicle and postal items have arrived. The computer then sends out a receipt and sends it to the communication tower. When the driver enters the loading center, he knows where he should unload or where he should load the container assigned to him. Then the door opens automatically and the truck enters. Through a combination of access management and traffic management (simple logistics system), you can know the number of trucks and postal items, their exact information, the real-time location and the destination of the truck. This solves the problem of traffic flow that is difficult to manage in the freight center and ensures that the container can move smoothly on the truck. If someone wants to find a specific location for a truck or postal item, you can know if the truck has passed the shipping center or has not arrived by a click of the mouse.


At this stage, many logistics express enterprises or operating agencies have begun to apply the technology to handheld terminals. In particular, the ultra-high performance of RFID handsets in long-distance non-contact reading and continuous tracking have provided a solid guarantee for all of this.

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