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company news about Gas management and transportation in the Speedata hand held terminal to show their talents

China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Gas management and transportation in the Speedata hand held terminal to show their talents

LNG, as a clean, efficient energy source is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive. LNG is the preferred fuel in many countries around the world. However, during the transportation of LNG, there are few people along the way, which increases the difficulty of monitoring and management. How to ensure that the tanker delivers oil safely to its destination, avoiding theft and adulteration incidents is an urgent problem that the company needs to solve. The blackouts of “stolen gas” and “nitrogen-doped” have become increasingly fierce and have been seriously damaged. Industry reputation. In the face of the flood of industry shady transactions, in order to prevent problems before they occur, in order to solve the transportation safety problem that has no way to control and control, Beijing Speedata Technology will combine RFID sealing technology with explosion-proof hand held terminal RFID handset equipment, tracking clearly, Deep and thorough solution to the problem of safe gas transportation.


LNG transportation anti-theft management system is the use of RFID hand held automatic identification technology, through the Internet and management system, using the explosion-proof hand held terminal to build the entire management information platform, to achieve the tank car transport information entry, query sharing, provide users with reliable Transport information.


1. Sealing and sealing: After sealing to the designated vehicle location, use the hand held terminal RFID hand held reading and writing device to read the ID number of the signature, and obtain the corresponding information of the driver of the vehicle through the background database, check the photo after correct verification, and automatically apply it. Seal the time, place the seal, apply the seal photo, and upload the information to the back-end database server.


2. Inspecting the seal: The special person checks the seal, verifies the transport situation, and enters the seal result through the hand held terminal; if there is an abnormal situation, take a picture and input the description to upload the background database server, and the server automatically prompts according to the setting alarm. .


3. Unpacking and unsealing: After the vehicle arrives at the destination, first use the T50 reading and writing device to take photos of the seal, read the seal ID within the specified time, and the RFID hand held read/write device automatically uploads the unpacking time, location, and demolition. Seal photos and unpack information to the backstage database server.


The RFID seal is made of zinc alloy. It is built with 2 sets of 3 ball locks. It is also equipped with carbon steel lock bars for reinforcement. It is triple-locked and can not be pulled out after sealing. The lock body is made of polycarbonate and is ultrasonically welded. It requires no tools and is easy to operate. A non-contact globally unique numbered RFID chip is added to the lock body, making copying difficult. After being destroyed, it cannot be restored to its original state. The laser-etched factory unique number, double anti-counterfeiting, and high reliability.

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