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China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Hand held data management system

Support the simultaneous recording of case information, and manage the exhibits through the hand held terminal RFID handset and electronic tags, so that the exhibits can be recorded one by one, and the electronic tags can simultaneously record the case information related to the exhibits, making the retrieval of the documents more convenient and quick. Can effectively improve work efficiency. In addition, when the physical evidence is transferred from the storage room and returned, the hand held terminal RFID handset will automatically identify and record the electronic tag, and start the network camera capture record. If unauthorized exhibits are placed in the warehouse, the system will immediately issue an alert to ensure the proper use of the exhibits.


In addition, the hand held terminal application automatically classifies and counts all the exhibits, automatically generates statistical reports, and records in detail the number of warehouse exhibits and storage locations. Since the electronic tag can be remotely and batch-identified, the system can realize the counting and inspection purposes through the hand held or the library robot, saving manpower and material resources and improving work efficiency. The system also has a comprehensive record of the information of each physical evidence, including all access information, borrowers, borrowing time, return time, specific destination, etc., to ensure the traceable management of physical evidence circulation.


For some extremely important exhibits, the operator can set approval authority through the hand held terminal RFID handset system to ensure that the non-direct responsible person can not be arbitrarily retrieved. The system can realize the three-level networking of provinces, cities and counties. The higher-level departments can directly check the storage of relevant exhibits through the system. The responsible person can remotely approve the requester through the industrial PDA, without face-to-face authorization, greatly improving the work efficiency.


In the past, paper reports have many drawbacks such as fragile, easy to be polluted, and difficult to find, and the “hand held mid-end witness management system” can permanently store data without going through the time and without evidence. The evidence-related data is all stored in the database, which is quick and efficient. At the same time, the data from the higher-level departments to the lower-level departments and the same-level departments can be shared remotely through the hand held terminal RFID handsets, improve information transparency, improve work efficiency, and solve the problem of standardized management of the transfer of evidence between judicial organs. The handover status and storage location of the exhibits are clearly identifiable.


The "Identity Management System" provides more intelligent management methods and standardized management procedures for courts, public security organs and other related fields, and provides strong logistical support for the detection of various cases.

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