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company news about Hand held terminal application: electric vehicle anti-theft of RFID handset

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Company News
Hand held terminal application: electric vehicle anti-theft of RFID handset

Electric bicycles are the main means of transportation for many citizens, but they are frequently stolen, which not only causes trouble for themselves, but also steals electric vehicles for short time and escapes. The difficulty and cost of the police to solve the case is very big, and it is also for police. Work brings pressure.


How to solve the safety and management problems of electric bicycles, to manage the safety of electric vehicles from the source, the management system based on RFID handset technology and GPS positioning can be solved within the overall technical framework of smart cities. The bicycle is equipped with "RFID ID card", and the hand held terminal GPS module can help the vehicle owner to use the vehicle safely by means of the urban Internet of Things perception system. It can also provide the means and basis for the public security and traffic police to quickly solve the case.


Add 2.4Ghz module to the hand held terminal RFID handset device, and distribute it to the staff at the scene of the case. By continuously receiving the data transmitted by the electronic tag carried by the monitored electric vehicle, determine the approximate location of the electric vehicle according to the GPS position of the tag. The staff went to a nearby location and used the signal sent by RFID to find the stolen electric vehicle according to the signal strength, which greatly improved the chance of the electric vehicle being retrieved.


2.4Ghz, GPS positioning, handset PDA, 2.4Ghz roadside base station, background management system


When the electric vehicle is sold, the owner's ID number, address, vehicle number and other vehicle attributes are entered and submitted to the public security database system.


After the vehicle is on the card and the RFID tag is installed at the designated location, the public security management system can track the running track of the vehicle in real time. After the vehicle is lost, the system automatically starts collecting information on the lost vehicle, and after finding the suspicious vehicle, it will automatically lock the running track of the suspicious vehicle. The system provides an interface with the video surveillance system of the public security department, and the system can automatically start the monitoring device after receiving the alarm information. Arrange the relevant staff to go to the designated location to find the stolen car.


After the electric vehicle is stolen, in the process of searching for the electric vehicle, the GPS can quickly locate the stolen electric vehicle. In the position without the coverage of the 2.4G base station, it can also be quickly located. After the staff reaches the designated position, according to the background of the hand held. Data and 2.4G tags send signals to quickly find stolen cars, cooperate with law enforcement officers to quickly enforce the law, retrieve stolen vehicles, and reduce the economic losses of car owners. This application of the hand held terminal RFID handset is an effective means to prevent and combat the crime of preventing and smashing electric vehicles, greatly improving the probability of stolen vehicles and reducing the time for stolen vehicles.

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