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company news about Hand held terminals can help companies quickly find materials

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China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Hand held terminals can help companies quickly find materials

In the daily work of the enterprise, especially some large-scale manufacturing enterprises, in the supply of production lines, a variety of material accessories is the most difficult one in the warehouse to find materials. At present, the more widely used application method is that after the staff receives the production task, the task is assigned on the computer side, and then the worker master enters the search area to find the material. Some old employees may be able to find it quickly, new employees lack experience, and it is difficult to find materials that are not very familiar. Not only is the work efficiency uneven, but it is also easy to miss certain materials, and it is a waste of time and effort to return to take the materials again.


Beijing Speedata Technology has launched a new hand held terminal solution for the rapid search of materials and materials for large-scale warehousing. It uses industrial PDAs, RFID handsets, 2.4G readers and tags to meet the needs of workers to quickly and accurately find materials. process. Put the label on the shelf, use the 2.4G reader to light the label, and the worker master takes the RFID terminal with the task of the hand held terminal to the warehouse to find the shelf of the shiny label. After picking, use the exclusive head block on the industrial PDA hand held terminal to scan the labels on the shelves. The send command then terminates the blinking of the label. On behalf of the goods have been found. This kind of operation process makes the search more targeted and purposeful, so as to improve work productivity from multiple links.


Beijing Speedata Technology Industrial PDA hand held terminal has the following four advantages: 1. Waterproof, dust-proof, anti-drop; 2. Durable, high and low temperature environment can also be used; 3. Large capacity battery, improve the use time; 4. Can Move, integrate two-dimensional heads.


In this application, first install different sound and light labels on different shelves and attach a QR code near the labels. Each shelf (container) corresponds to a separate material. The WMS workstation sends the required materials to the industrial PDA hand held terminal, and the worker receives the task and rushes to the material site. Click the button that illuminates the label, and the command is transmitted to the 2.4G card reader via wlan, and the card reader lights the label. When the worker sees the shiny label, he goes to pick up the material. After scanning, scan the QR code to indicate that the material has been found. The industrial PDA handset transmits commands to the 2.4G card reader. The card reader closes the label.

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