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company news about Hand held terminals create an important part of the rapid development of cold chain logistics

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Company News
Hand held terminals create an important part of the rapid development of cold chain logistics

Hand held terminals create an important part of the rapid development of cold chain logistics


At this stage, cold chain logistics has become a common requirement for the special needs of many industrial products in transportation. For example, some food fresh and medical vaccines have strict and precise standards for temperature requirements. Especially in the transportation bumps, how to ensure constant temperature and timely information collection becomes a problem. Speedata Technology is committed to the innovation and development of logistics enterprises, constantly improving the application of professional equipment, using hand held terminal RFID handsets to improve the information management level of the cold chain logistics industry, creating a whole process of temperature control, standard specifications, efficient operation, safe and green cold. Chain logistics service system.


The hand held terminal RFID handset is crucial to the development of cold chain logistics, which can accelerate the formation of the company's new global format and realize the effective integration of business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow. The hand held terminal can guide the freight hub to improve the cold chain logistics service function, reasonably plan the layout of the cold storage, constant temperature storage, freezer and other facilities in the cargo hub, support the standardized cold storage, closed low temperature loading and unloading tires, temperature control tally area construction, and promote refrigeration, Promotion and application of advanced equipment such as temperature control, loading and unloading, sorting and packaging.


As a smart device for data acquisition, processing and transmission, the hand held terminal can play an important role in the construction of cold chain logistics information. It integrates information in the processes of loading, unloading, sorting, packaging and distribution, and accelerates the integration of various information flows. The information flows.


With the rapid development of the e-commerce fresh industry, China's demand for cold chain logistics has increased year by year. Some companies predict that China's cold chain logistics industry will maintain an average annual growth rate of 25%, and the market size in 2017 will reach 470 billion yuan. The development of China's cold chain logistics industry has entered a stage of rapid growth. This puts a high demand on the efficiency of cold chain logistics. According to the opinion requirements, in the near future, the hand held terminal will be the standard of the cold chain logistics company, helping the cold chain logistics to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency.


The industrial characteristics of hand held RFID handsets are also the biggest use factor. If equipment such as the mobile phone we use every day, it is difficult to work normally at low temperatures, and some even crash directly if the temperature is too low. Professional, targeted to make the hand held a first-class industrial PDA.


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