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company news about Hand held terminals strictly control cold chain transportation applications

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Hand held terminals strictly control cold chain transportation applications



When it comes to cold chain transportation, most people may feel confused and feel that they are far away from us, but it is not. For example, our daily fresh seafood, fresh food, frozen meat, cold drink fruit, etc., how can we enjoy fresh food from all over the world, the key part is the temperature control during transportation, that is, we want today Said the low temperature cold chain.


Cold chain transportation refers to the transportation of the goods to be kept at a certain temperature during the whole process of transportation, whether it is loading and unloading, changing the transportation mode, or changing the packaging equipment. The cold chain transportation mode can be road transportation, water transportation, railway transportation, air transportation, or an integrated transportation method composed of various transportation modes. Cold chain transportation is an important part of cold chain logistics. The main objects of cold chain transportation are: quick-frozen food, meat, cold drinks, vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, etc.


The refrigerated transport and cold storage of the enterprise are controlled according to the food standard temperature. However, when receiving the goods from the supplier, it is often found that the supplier does not operate the goods according to the corresponding temperature. In this case, it is easy to be in the logistics transportation stage. Causes a large product loss. On the other hand, for some companies with low sense of responsibility, in order to save costs, when the customer loads the goods, the refrigerator is turned on. When the transportation process is almost the same, the refrigeration equipment is turned off, and when the destination is reached, the product is turned on again. Cold machine, can not be fully turned on, when the goods are delivered, although the surface of the goods is frozen, it has actually deteriorated. Therefore, the problem of responsibility differentiation is also an urgent problem to be solved. When the product arrives at the receiving party and the product quality does not meet the requirements, it must be judged whether it is caused by the cargo transportation temperature not meeting the requirements.


As an RFID hand held terminal manufacturer, the temperature of the logistics process is grasped by using the hand held terminal RFID PDA. The specific monitoring method is to measure and record the temperature of the entire compartment by the real-time temperature measurement function of the PDA, that is, each transportation. The vehicle puts one or more hand held terminals to measure and record the temperature during transportation. When the goods reach the transportation destination, the hand held terminal and the computer are connected to the computer through wired connection, and then the data is statistically analyzed and analyzed. For example, find the maximum, minimum, and curve trends. At the same time, the hand held terminal RFID PDA has lower cost, lighter and more portable, and simpler operation than the conventional temperature recorder. At the same time, it can also measure the temperature of a single box, automatically identify product information and export data by wireless connection, to meet the requirements of temperature monitoring in the modern cold chain transportation industry.

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