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company news about Handheld terminal develops new mode of medical service

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Company News
Handheld terminal develops new mode of medical service

In the modern medical service system, with the continuous improvement and improvement of the medical system, we have realized the comprehensive information management in many details. Due to the large number of mobile personnel, the complicated relationship between doctors and patients and the fixed storage of PC information, the existing efficiency is difficult to improve and the control of some details is not in place. Therefore, in the current medical system, it is possible to quickly perform data access and real-time communication through the RFID handheld smart terminal in the mobile process. Reading, updating, and making corresponding medical treatment according to the content has become an important issue nowadays. demand. Based on the new application of handheld terminals in the medical service system, RFID handsets have opened up a new model of medical services.


The versatile mobile data acquisition and interactive handset terminal is a portable, professional application hardware device that can be repeatedly wiped and disinfected for use in a medical environment. At this stage, there are applications in major hospitals, medical institutions, and outpatient clinics: such as our common electronic medical record system, we can query and change the relevant medical record information of a certain patient in the mobile process and various links; barcode identification system, It can be used as a way to read information, and quickly collect wristband or tag data through the barcode recognition function of the handheld terminal; the mobile terminal has a telephone such as answering a doctor, a direct dialogue with a patient calling, scanning a patient wristband barcode, a blood bag, a drug or Powerful features such as medical charts, querying medications with medical applications, receiving and responding to alerts from medical devices and patient rooms.


At the same time, the mobile nurse station handheld terminal can meet a variety of application functions, easy to carry, no need to carry other hardware devices. All of this helps us make quick and effective decisions, especially in emergency situations or safeguarding doctor-patient relationships. Among them, what is highlighted is that the patient is in the nursing stage of hospitalization. For example, our caregivers need to face medication, care and other conditions for all patients in several wards every day. If there is an error or omission, it is easy to cause a doctor-patient relationship or some safety accident. The handheld terminal RFID handheld device can be used to check whether there is any omission in the real-time work task. When a certain task time is not executed, an automatic reminder will be issued. When an inpatient is in an emergency, he or she can quickly scan the wristband to read the information and conduct treatment for the paper, avoiding the delay in carrying and reading the paper medical records.

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