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company news about Handheld terminal technology for data distinguish and collection can be applied in scientific experiments

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Company News
Handheld terminal technology for data distinguish and collection can be applied in scientific experiments

The development of science and technology is still a new generation of society. Every new technological development does not leave the joint efforts of countless scientific and technological personnel. Especially for some experimental research work, it is an important rule for a technical inspection and measurement. In many scientific experiments, it is difficult to control the volume and trajectory of the experimental body; the difference is almost invisible to the naked eye. If it is rushed to operate, it will greatly affect the accuracy and scientific rigor of the experiment. The differentiation, information collection and input of each experimental body can be realized by an IoT industrial PDA such as a handheld terminal RFID handset. Let's take an experiment as an example to talk about how handheld terminals or RFID handsets are used.


Researchers at the University of Arizona used RFID technology and RFID handheld readers to observe and analyze the collection patterns of bumblebees and successfully discovered observations that were not possible through traditional research methods. According to the understanding, in order to understand the distribution of the work of the bumblebee, the researchers will adhere to the standard high-frequency RFID tag, attached to the back of 111 bumblebee worker bees, and arranged two small rooms, respectively, into the pollen and nectar. In this way, the researchers can observe the working mode of the worker bees through the RFID handset terminal reader at the entrance and exit of the room.


Since the labels on the back of each bumblebee have unique ID codes, the researchers learned that among the 111 tagged bumblebees, 20 to 50 bumblebees will often leave the nest. collection. Worker bees can enter and exit the room via a 1.5-inch diameter channel. The researchers specifically set up RFID handheld terminal readers at both locations and narrowed the two channels to 2 cm wide to ensure that the RFID handheld reader could sense the worker bee tag ID for each entry and exit. The system can also determine the direction in which worker bees enter and exit according to the reading order.


After the application of the handheld terminal RFID handset, has it solved a lot of problems? First of all, in this experiment, the bees are uncontrollable. Once the experiment fails to grasp the trajectory and information, it will be meaningless. The emergence of industrial PDA created the perfect premise for all of this.

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