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company news about How do handheld terminals communicate with the railway system when they make up the ticket on the train?

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How do handheld terminals communicate with the railway system when they make up the ticket on the train?

Train high-speed rail is one of the important channels for our daily travel, and it is also the main project of China's transportation department. In order to better serve the masses and coordinate the internal management of the system, we often carry out some ticket replacement and ticket exchanges during the running of the train. If it is impossible to achieve information exchange with the railway management system, some oolong incidents will become very embarrassing. At the same time, we need to confirm the passenger's identity information during the ticket repurchase process, which requires our handheld terminal RFID handset to have a second-generation license reading function. So how do all these handheld terminals do it?


The station mobile to station ticketing system is divided into two parts: the RFID handheld terminal supplementing subsystem and the station mobile ticketing management subsystem. The station mobile ticketing management subsystem consists of a mobile ticketing management server and related software. The application system developed by database technology realizes data sharing and exchange with the existing ticket system, and completes data support and management of the rival RFID handheld terminal subsystem. And achieve data compatibility and report consolidation with the existing station ticket system. The RFID handheld terminal subsystem consists of an RFID handheld terminal and related software deployed in the machine, and adopts an offline operation mode based on data files to implement a ticket-to-station service.


The basic information file of the RFID handheld terminal is generated by the station mobile ticket replenishment management subsystem, and is downloaded to the RFID handheld terminal through the communication line. Based on these data files, the RFID handheld terminal realizes automatic event analysis and fare calculation functions, and completes various on-site ticket replenishment service requirements. . After completing the arrival ticket replenishment service, the RFID handheld terminal's job data (stub and log) is uploaded to the mobile-to-station replenishment management server through the communication line, and the service program is used to import the ticket system to supplement the database for statistics and checkout.


As we all know, intelligent terminals can generate good information transmission and interaction through various communication means and operation management system, which creates the basic conditions for the processing and feedback of information in our ticket replenishment work. Secondly, the second generation certificate information collection and reading function unique to the handheld terminal device is used to facilitate the binding of the personnel information and the ticket surface data. Finally, the portable printing function of the handheld terminal and the mobile printing have become the best equipment for mobile ticketing.

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