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company news about How many deaths did the US natural gas explosion have? How to eliminate gas hazards

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Company News
How many deaths did the US natural gas explosion have? How to eliminate gas hazards

On the evening of July 11, local time, a serious gas explosion occurred in Wisconsin. At least one firefighter died and more than 10 people were injured. It is understood that this accident caused a contractor to destroy a local main pipeline of natural gas during construction, resulting in a large number of natural gas leaks and explosions. The tableware that was brewed was inevitably embarrassing, and the gas-fired tube monitoring was once again pushed to the forefront by public opinion. As a daily essential resource, do we often dance on the tip of the knife? How can gas pipeline safety avoid conflicts with other applications? How to properly avoid this security risk?


The most common way for the oil and gas industry to adopt RFID technology is to install RFID tags on firmware such as various angle valves. Then, the inspectors hold RFID handheld terminals for security inspection. In addition to accurate data, records are automatically saved and uploaded, and smart reminders are added. Checking and other functions can also help the inspectors to check for leaks and reduce production safety accidents. In addition, RFID has great advantages in the oil and gas industry. It installs reading and writing devices in the warehouse and cargo access control, and can record all kinds of assets entering and leaving the warehouse every day. The biggest benefit of RFID technology is to help oil and gas developers and various angle valve manufacturers reduce the cumbersome text work of recording asset use, maintenance and inspection, and improve the productivity of colleagues to reduce the risk of safety.


At the same time, in order to cope with the management of the oil and gas industry, a company can produce custom-made high-temperature and corrosion-resistant slab ceramic surface labels that can be used for long-term use without damage, etc., and the RFID handheld terminal we used has passed the national testing agency. Explosion-proof product certificate is more reliable to use.


As a popular IoT technology, handheld terminal devices such as RFID handsets can be found everywhere. Then, can we use long-distance radio frequency identification technology to avoid the safety hazards or gas pipelines encountered during construction in advance, and it will not affect the normal construction under the condition of ensuring safety? We can set up exclusive label information for pre-buried pipelines or related equipment with certain safety hazards. This is important for the docking of the two construction systems in the later stage and risk avoidance.

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