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company news about How to avoid inferior frozen meat from entering the market?

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Company News
How to avoid inferior frozen meat from entering the market?

The issue of food safety has become the field of “talking about color” in the current social life. Various kinds of products and additives have left a gray haze on our daily diet. In particular, some unscrupulous enterprises or businesses have intensively harmed the people's healthy lives by using inferior materials to interfere with the market in order to seek the benefits of black hearts. According to news reports today, a large number of inferior frozen meat intercepted by customs at a certain place was dug out by local lawless elements for secondary sale after the burial treatment, and even formed a professional criminal industrial chain. So how does the food industry save itself? And how does the market use handheld terminal RFID handsets to trace and quickly sort and avoid the fish? How do merchants identify in jagged products? This is a market problem. Only through the use of Internet of Things technology combined with handheld terminal technology applications, to ensure sunny days in the food sector.


1. Market monitoring phase. In the case of the appeal, we actively dealt with the illegal meat after it was inspected. But it was sold by the son of the criminals. Why? If we put in a special label that cannot enter the market, we can quickly find the refusal of inflow through the handheld terminal RFID handset when entering the market, so as to avoid the harm caused by the accidental eating. The handheld terminal and the current RFID handset have fast market verification skills and are a powerful monitoring in the current anti-counterfeiting field and product traceability. No matter what the way, you can avoid it quickly.


2. Merchant procurement stage. If a large number of inferior products enter the market or are sold through illegal channels, then the store owner who is the purchaser can also use the handheld terminal and the RFID handset to see the truth. In the market procurement, for the source of frozen meat, we can ask the other party to present relevant audit records based on the handheld terminal application at various stages, and identify relevant transportation information and sources, which is what we often call industrial PDA traceability management. The relevant personnel who knowingly violate the law but still sell or purchase can also get rid of it in this way.

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