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company news about How to operate the handheld terminal? How to use the handheld terminal?

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Company News
How to operate the handheld terminal? How to use the handheld terminal?

How does the handheld terminal operate?
As a modern information terminal device, handheld terminals are widely used. Nowadays, most of the devices on the domestic market choose Android system on the operating system. The operation is similar to that of our mobile phone. It only loads some specific function modules to make data collection more efficient. Then the following "speedata" handheld terminal to share with you: how to operate the handheld terminal? How to use the handheld terminal? Note the use of the handheld terminal.


一·the "Speedata" handheld terminal use:


1. Boot into the desktop, click the Settings button, drag the “Close” button to open the wireless network, all available wireless networks will be displayed, click on your wireless network, and then connect. If the wireless network does not require a password, click “Connect” to start the connection; if the wireless network requires a password, you need to enter the password first, and then click “Connect” to start the connection. If the wireless network has been successfully connected before, the information will be stored and will be automatically connected. Once the handheld terminal device is successfully connected to the wireless network, a wireless network icon will appear in the status bar at the top of the screen.


2, the scan settings

One-dimensional scanning head or two-dimensional scanning, whether to start automatic scanning, prefix, suffix, scanning prompt sound and vibration prompt switch settings


3. Connect to PC via mobile assistant software

You can connect to a PC by installing a common mobile assistant software, and you can perform program installation and management. Take "360 Mobile Assistant" as an example:

1).PC installed 360 security guards and mobile assistants

2). Insert the USB cable, open the mobile assistant for the first time, it will automatically install the "mobile assistant" mobile phone to the PDA terminal.

3). After the installation is successful, the “360 Mobile Assistant” icon will appear on the PDA terminal.


4). The PC-side mobile assistant displays "Connected via USB"


二, the three major considerations for using handheld terminals:


1, pay attention to initialization

Many people don't understand why the handheld terminal just bought has to be initialized. Initializing the machine is actually releasing the storage space of the device, ensuring the security of the device, and reducing the probability of an error occurring during use. No matter how new the device is, you must have your own original data source occupying a certain amount of internal space. In order to make the storage space of the handheld device larger, you need to initialize it. Moreover, the handset has an initial default system password, and the holder can set his own password only after initialization to ensure the security of the device.


2, download various operations

After initialization, the handheld terminal is kept in the cleanest and safest state. If you want it to be put into work, you need to download various operations, such as check time, system parameters, batch list, incremental list, full quantity. List and management fee ratio, etc. Only when these are done well, the handset is in a complete working state and can be put into use at any time.


3, the operation should be standardized

For a brand new handheld terminal, it must be standardized during operation. For example, when the handheld needs to be charged, the machine should be turned off and then charged with the standard 5V power supply. When the data is transmitted by the handheld, if the acquisition software is not turned off, the USB data cable cannot be plugged or unplugged.


How does the handheld terminal operate? How to use the handheld terminal? It is only necessary to combine the device function buttons in the order of the software system to easily implement cumbersome services. A more common case, such as the application of the Spirent handheld terminal in the logistics industry, the main realization function in the logistics is to quickly scan the bar code or QR code of the express delivery order, so as to read the detailed order information. Is it very simple?

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