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company news about How to use hand held terminals in scenic spot ticket management?

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Company News
How to use hand held terminals in scenic spot ticket management?

At present, most of the scenic spot such as park,zoo,resorts are crowd mass of people during holiday. The traditional management mode is used for ticket checking, mainly manual ticketing and manual ticket checking. Whenever the tourist season is over, the pressure of ticket sales and ticket inspectors will be greatly increased. In addition, because traditional anti-counterfeiting technology is easy to copy, the phenomenon of sneaking tickets or using fake tickets often occurs. In the later stage, if the staff wants to check the bills and the statistics of the passenger flow, it will increase the workload and statistical difficulty.


With the development of information technology, industrial PDA machine ticketing has begun to spread. Fast, accurate and efficient ticket checking operations can be carried out through hand held terminal devices or RFID handsets, greatly improving the efficiency of ticket checking. Applicable to all kinds of paid scenic spots, playgrounds, fairs, parks, etc.


Visitors can log in to the official public number of the scenic spot in advance, find the corresponding playground in it, and then select the corresponding play item to pay, and then generate a QR code icon in the background. If a customer does not carry a mobile phone or is inconvenient to purchase tickets, you can go to the ticket office to buy paper tickets. There will also be a QR code icon on the paper tickets. When a visitor enters the entrance of the playground, he only needs to present the QR code or paper ticket on the order, and then the staff can scan the QR code with a hand held terminal device or an RFID handset to display the play items paid by the tourists. .


The staff member logs in to the APP software, enters the account password to log in, selects the ticket checking operation when starting the ticket checking, and scans the QR code presented by the tourist through the hand held terminal. Whenever an industrial PDA scans a QR code icon, there will be a record in the background. When the same QR code is scanned for the second time, there will be a prompt to prevent the same QR code from being used multiple times. At the end of the day, you can select the ticketing statistics option to view the traffic of the day for future statistics.


Hand held terminal bar code scanning check-in advantages:


1.By scanning the QR code on the visitor's mobile phone, you can avoid the phenomenon of escaping tickets or using fake.


2.Tourists do not need to carry paper tickets, avoiding the situation that they cannot be reissued due to loss.


3.can greatly release the pressure of the ticket inspectors and improve work efficiency


4.more convincing by hand check-in, reducing disputes with tourists

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