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company news about How to use the hand held terminal to accurately grasp the details of cold chain transportation?

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Company News
How to use the hand held terminal to accurately grasp the details of cold chain transportation?

Precise control of temperature during transportation to ensure the best quality of the product is a new requirement of the society today. In the whole process, whether it is loading and unloading, changing the transportation mode, replacing the packaging equipment, etc., the goods are always transported at a certain temperature. At the same time, it is necessary to effectively integrate multiple modes of transportation. This application is now being used as a cold chain transportation. How to maintain the storage temperature within a certain allowable range in the transition and immediate transportation of multiple links. Once the fluctuation occurs, it can become the most difficult point to realize this application. Based on the application of hand held terminal RFID handsets, this application has become a reality today.


RFID hand held terminal manufacturers must master the temperature conditions for cold chain transportation. The traditional monitoring method uses a temperature recorder to measure and record the temperature of the entire car, that is, one or more temperature recorders are used to measure each transport vehicle. And record the temperature during transportation. When the goods reach the transportation destination, the temperature recorder and the computer are connected to the computer by wired connection, and then the data is statistically analyzed and analyzed, for example, the maximum, minimum and curve trends are found. Wait. Traditional temperature recorders are expensive, bulky, unable to measure temperature in a single box, cannot automatically identify product information, and require wired connections and manual intervention to export data. They cannot meet the requirements of temperature monitoring in modern cold chain transportation industry. .


In addition to temperature, RFID hand held terminal manufacturers should also understand the responsibility of the cold chain transportation industry. A person in charge of cold chain transportation once expressed the feeling that "our company's refrigerated transport and cold storage are controlled according to the food standard temperature, but When receiving the goods from the supplier, it is often found that the supplier does not operate the goods according to the corresponding temperature. In this case, we will re-freeze the goods and transport them to each store, but once there is a problem in the store, the customer will On the other hand, for some companies with less responsibility, in order to save costs, when the customer loads the goods, the refrigerator is turned on, and when the transportation process is almost the same, the refrigeration is turned off. Equipment, when you get to the destination, then turn on the cold machine, you can't start the whole process. When the goods are delivered, the surface of the goods is frozen, but it has actually deteriorated. Therefore, the problem of responsibility differentiation is also an urgent problem to be solved. When the product arrives at the receiving party and the product quality does not meet the requirements, it must be judged whether it is caused by the cargo transportation temperature not meeting the requirements.


As a simple and effective way to read quickly, non contact reading has become its biggest advantage. In many industries, its main role is to identify and track certain products or materials. In the cold chain transportation, not only must this be done, but also more links to temperature changes. This requires our hand held devices to have two major features: First, applications in low temperature environments can easily withstand, do not cause some unexpected shutdown; Second, the device must have fast temperature reading capability and support one-click upload .

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