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company news about In the future management of animal husbandry, handheld terminals will show their talents.

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Company News
In the future management of animal husbandry, handheld terminals will show their talents.

In recent years, various food safety cases have occurred frequently, which has seriously threatened the personal health of the public and has also affected many enterprises. In the event of a negative or quality problem, a large company will fall into the altar in a short period of time. Therefore, in order to be responsible for the market and achieve internal self-management, the application of handheld terminal RFID handsets will become the next choice for the new generation of animal husbandry in the field of food safety supervision.


Strengthening the management of livestock and poultry identification and breeding archives, establishing a traceability system for livestock and poultry products, effectively preventing and controlling major animal diseases, and ensuring the quality and safety of livestock and poultry products are of great significance. The management stipulates that the livestock and poultry logo is implemented as a standard, and the code is unique. The information in the label can be read by a professional RFID handheld terminal. Therefore, the identification and coding of livestock and poultry is a complicated system engineering. It must be in front of all work. The introduction of RFID handheld terminals and electronic tags is an inevitable trend that will bring further improvement to the pig industry and has broad prospects.


How RFID Handheld Terminals Work


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology that uses radio frequency signals to achieve contactless information transmission through spatial coupling (inductance or electromagnetic coupling), and achieves identification through the transmitted information [1] . The radio frequency identification work can be operated in various harsh environments without manual intervention, and the operation is quick and convenient.


Generally speaking, the RFID system includes three parts: an electronic tag, a data management system, and an RFID handheld terminal. The working principle of the system is: after the tag enters the magnetic field, if receiving the special radio frequency signal from the RFID handheld terminal, the product information stored in the chip can be sent by the energy obtained by the induced current, and the RFID handheld terminal can read without contact. The electronic data saved in the electronic tag is taken and recognized, so as to automatically recognize the object. The RFID handheld terminal sends a certain frequency of the radio frequency signal through the antenna. When the tag enters the magnetic field, it generates an induced current to obtain energy, and sends out its own code and other information, which is read and decoded by the reader and sent to the host computer for processing.



In this way, through the application of this technology, we can better meet the consumer needs of the contemporary society. As a daily necessities, we are no longer satisfied with the use of meat, but the pursuit of more diverse enjoyment. Therefore, many emerging farming models, such as stocking, we need to better monitor and manage each individual. At the same time, the handheld terminal can also meet the requirements of food safety supervision in the new era, and it is not harmful to the breeding enterprises.

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