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company news about Is your warehousing link still dragging you back?

China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Is your warehousing link still dragging you back?

A good business operation environment is inseparable from the joint efforts of all links. From the perspective of the supply side, the warehouse as a distribution center is engaged in efficient circulation processing, inventory management, transportation and distribution activities. From the perspective of the demand side, warehouses as distribution centers must meet the needs of a wide range of customers with maximum flexibility and timeliness. Therefore, for enterprises, warehousing management is of great significance. Therefore, the warehouse is used as a bridge between the supplier and the demand side.


The core of smart manufacturing is connectivity, which is the close connection of handheld devices, production lines, factories, suppliers, products and customers. In modern enterprises, integrating information and resources of upstream, downstream, and enterprise integrated supply chains is of great significance for corporate strategic decision-making and future planning. In particular, warehouses in manufacturing are in the process of coordinating the entire supply chain.


The warehouse management system integrates information technology, radio frequency RFID technology, bar code technology, electronic label technology, computer application technology, etc., organically combines warehouse management, wireless scanning, electronic display, and handheld terminal equipment to realize full utilization of information resources and speed up the network. Process. Real-time control of inventory, monitoring of the location, integration of resources through digital analysis and other methods, making full use of limited warehouse space.


The new transformation of the management mode of handheld terminal equipment has changed from the traditional "results-oriented" to "process-oriented"; from "data entry" to "data collection + entry"; from "manual search for goods" to "guided positioning" Goods, avoiding human error that may occur, greatly improving management efficiency and saving costs. In the course of business operations, as the way of relying on experience management to rely on accurate digital analysis management, the company will accelerate capital turnover and improve the response speed of the supply chain.


From receiving, warehousing, distribution to replenishment, picking, and in-stock processing, there is no need for monitoring and management in each warehousing segment. The transformation and upgrading of smart interconnection technology has enabled graphics monitoring and scheduling software, barcode recognition and tracking systems, RFID technology and smart handheld terminals to enter the warehouse, and advanced and reliable intelligent three-dimensional storage was born.


Warehousing management is only a basic part of supply chain management. The system realizes the connection with handheld terminal equipment, which will ensure accurate and timely delivery of document information and support real-time query of warehouse conditions. Helps achieve full-process automation and collaboratively help the enterprise supply chain operate efficiently.

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