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company news about Large container management at port terminals requires RFID handheld terminals to achieve

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China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Large container management at port terminals requires RFID handheld terminals to achieve

As the mainstream hardware device of the Internet of Things, we all know that the application of handheld terminals or RFID handsets is widespread. Whether it is the operation system of express mail logistics or the business management of large and small business, small equipment can easily deal with various large and small management applications, which is a miracle of contemporary Internet technology. However, do you think that he only sees some small equipment operating systems? Then you are wrong. RFID handset technology is widely used in many fields. Handheld terminals are used for management in some large and small container management of port terminals.


As business needs expand, customers want to be able to accurately track the trucks that load containers, knowing the current location of each truck or container, such as which door is being passed, or in which monitoring area, which cranes and gantry cranes are loading and unloading. Which container on the truck, etc.


By applying RFID handheld terminal technology, customer needs can be well solved. OCR image recognition technology can read the container number and truck number when the card passes through the terminal service station. The tag is mounted on the container and on the back of the bumper of the truck, and the identified container number and truck number are written into the corresponding RFID tag at the gate or the yard. At the same time, an RFID reading and writing device is installed on the hoisting equipment. During the container loading and unloading process, the database will collect OCR and RFID information and analyze it to accurately determine which container should be placed on which truck or which container should be unloaded in the yard. A total of 350 RFID handheld terminal readers and 10,000 i-B2 L tags were used throughout the project. The readers were installed at the dock entrances, cranes and gantry cranes, while the tags were installed on trucks and containers.


In this way, through this kind of handheld terminal application, what kind of application or advantage will our corresponding staff implement? First of all, the loading and unloading of containers is more streamlined and visualized. This not only affects work efficiency, but also greatly improves management efficiency. Secondly, every vehicle and the like can obtain its clear circulation route and related operations to avoid some special circumstances.

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