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company news about Now Hand held terminals can also be applied to prison staff management.

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Company News
Now Hand held terminals can also be applied to prison staff management.

Through new technical means, more humane and efficient police management can be realized. In comparison, the application of this industrial PDA is relatively rare, and the application of RFID PDAs similar to fingerprint acquisition and ID card reading in police services is much more. As an industrial-grade three-proof PDA, the hand held terminal has the unique advantage of outdoor mobile applications, which can easily cope with harsh environmental pressures. At the same time, different function modules can realize a wide range of functions.


For instance, a criminal sentenced to life imprisonment, fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention may be admitted to the prison for medical insurance if it is approved by the relevant authorities. However, when it is out of the prison, it needs to be escorted. Prisoners and vehicles are tracked in real time to ensure safe medical treatment and return to prison safely. The management system for the positioning of medical personnel is based on the combination of wireless RF and video surveillance and GPS positioning. The personnel and vehicles are monitored and managed in real time, and functions such as quick localization and accident alarm .


The escort police are equipped with a portable camera and a smart IC card PDA, and the prisoner who is out of the hospital is wearing a tamper-proof buckle and sends data to the hand held reader real-time. The portable camera records the whole process of the medical treatment and transmits it to the system; the intelligent IC card PDA monitors the electronic foot buckle information of the prisoner and sends an alarm message to the system when an emergency occurs.


When the sick prisoner needs to go out for medical treatment, the prisoner wears the electronic tamper-proof buckle, and the policeman wears the camcorder and the IC card PDA. The video information and location information of the camcorder are transmitted to the system terminal in the detention center in real time through the 3G/4G network. And the information exchange and update with the database, complete the information record of the police and prisoner real-time status monitoring, if the foot buckle information does not match the information of the outbound planning in the database, or the foot buckle information suddenly disappears, the system will issue an alarm.


The back of the portable camera equipped with the policeman has a back clip, and the police can clip the camera to pocket to monitor the entire journey of the prisoner.


The data of the portable camera will be transmitted to the system terminal of the detention center through the 3G/4G network, and the administrator can observe the situation of the outgoing person in the system terminal in real time. The camera is also equipped with a two-way voice intercom function, and the administrator of the system terminal can make a call through the intercom system and the outgoing police.


When the prisoner who has gone to the hospital for medical treatment arrives at the destination, the intelligent IC card equipped with the police officer holds the opportunity to perform real-time position monitoring on the prisoner. For example, the distance between the prisoner and the policeman can not exceed 5 meters. If the distance between the two is more than 5 meters, the PDA will immediately sound an alarm and send the data back to the system terminal of the detention center. An alarm will also be issued. After the administrator of the system terminal confirmed the unexpected situation through the two-way intercom system and the on-site police, the police immediately dispatched the police to support.


Prisons are places where some criminals are transformed by a series of measures such as restrictions on freedom. With the development of the times, humanization and scientific law enforcement are increasingly being promoted. Various new applications based on technological innovation are also constantly being used in prisons.

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