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company news about 【Observation:China International Import Expo】

China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
【Observation:China International Import Expo】
Latest company news about 【Observation:China International Import Expo】


SPEEDATA KT50 Handheld Terminal Ticket-Inspection Device


AI empowers Internet of Things

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As the World's First National-level Exhibition with the Theme of Import, on November 5th, the first China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai International Expo Center. As an open platform for International Trade Cooperation, the participating countries have spread across five continents, a total of 82 countries and 3 International Organizations have set up 71 booths. The Comprehensive Exhibition of National Trade and Investment, and the Economic and Trade Forum held simultaneously, can be described as the World's Attention, all Merchants Gathered.


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In order to build a Safe and Easy-to-manage Environment, during Expo Time, Visitors must go through the Process of a Double Security Check before entering the Hall. In the Stage of Ticket Inspection , the well-known IoT Technology Promotion Company Beijing SPEEDATA Technology KT50 Handheld Terminal, is used to verify the Exhibitor's ID Card to confirm Its Identity and whether it has qualifications for admission. SPEEDATA KT50 Ticket Checking System uses Advanced RFID Technology, combined with Communication, Database and Information Management Technology, to provide Exhibition Organizers and Managers with new type of Exhibition Information Management Devices based on Real-time Data Collection of Electronic Tags. Establishing a complete Electronic Label Ticketing System, and the Exhibition Business will use the IOT Technology to manage the Integration of Ticket sales/Ticket Inspection/Settlement/Data Statistics. It also improved the Work Efficiency of the Expo Manager , and provided a Reliable Basis for the Later Data Aggregation, Statistics, Query and Report Sorting.



The Advantages of SPEEDATA Handheld Terminal Ticket Application:


• The Electronic Ticket has built-in Integrated Circuit Chip, The RFID Handheld Terminal can accurately read the Identity Information in the Chip, Identify the Authenticity of the Ticket, and check whether the Ticket Holder and the Information are consistent.


• The RFID Handheld Terminal can also realize the Function of Data Information Encryption. Only after verifying and comparing with the Back-end Database System can the Ticket Information be displayed to prevent Ticket Theft.


• The KT50 Handheld Terminal is not only Portable, but also Flexible in Application. It achieves IP65 Industrial Protection Rating with Reliable Protection. During this Expo, the KT50 demonstrated fairly Reliable Equipment Performance. Despite It's raining and blowing hard on the Expo Scene, in the face of a Large number of Exhibitors, the Harsh Working Environment, the device can continue to work with High Intensity, Stable and Fast Reading, easily competent for Security Inspection Tasks.


• RFID Handheld Terminals provide Multiple Flexible Development Interfaces for users’ Secondary Development and meet the Special Demands from them.


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Founded in 2008, Beijing SPEEDATA Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading IoT Technology Promotion Company in China, and is committed to providing the most suitable Information Services for Enterprise Users.


The Company has a deep Technical Background of Intelligent Terminals, focusing on the Products of IoT technology; Relying on Technology Accumulation, based on Industry Application Scenarios, and providing Solutions for Users with the best User Experience.


Smart Terminal Products have achieved leading position in the fields of “Mobile Intelligent Terminal”, “IoT Data Acquisition Equipment” and “Industrial PDA”, and have been fully applied and valued in Various Industries and Fields. It is an Excellent Mobile Internet of Things Partner of Enterprises.


Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd

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