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On the five elements of the cost performance of hand held terminals

On the five elements of the cost performance of hand held terminals


When it comes to choosing a hand held terminal, I believe many small partners will have a headache. Yes, due to the complexity of the data collector equipment on the market, the product form has its own advantages, and the application and demand of the industry are different, which has caused the hand held terminal market to be confused. It is even more difficult to choose a device with the right price/performance ratio. What should I do? Don't be afraid, keep in mind the five elements, so that you can easily choose the industrial PDA equipment that suits you.


Element 1. Data acquisition function of the hand held terminal.


At present, the functions of hand held data collectors on the market are mainly divided into the following types: one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and RFID handset. The one-dimensional code two-dimensional code is believed to be understood by everyone, but there is not much explanation. As the main function of hand held terminals, the choice of RFID is particularly important. First of all, according to the specific requirements of the project, it is considered from the aspects of card reading distance and signal strength. The frequency of the hand held terminal is mainly divided into high frequency and ultra high frequency, and the reading and writing distance is 3~5cm and 0~6m respectively. You can choose to meet the project's usage requirements, and you don't need to use a higher configuration to waste your expenses.


Element 2, the scanning head of the hand held terminal.


As a data collector hardware, the importance of a good scan head is self-evident. If we need high volume and high intensity to achieve scanning. We have to choose a scan head with a better quality. Otherwise, it will not be able to read the situation, which will greatly affect our trial experience. And if our scanning volume is not strong, we don't have to pursue high quality scanning heads too much.


Element 3, the protection level of the hand held terminal.


In the application of industrial PDA data collector, a higher level of protection is an effective means to ensure the stability of its application. We have to choose according to our own application scenarios, just need to meet our own needs, and the pursuit of high level will bring unnecessary cost loss.


Element 4, the operating system of the hand held terminal.


At present, the mainstream operating systems of RFID handset devices on the market are Android and Windows. We have to choose the system to use according to our operating habits and project requirements. In the past few years, the market trend has gradually turned to Android, and many window devices are about to stop production.


Element 5, the manufacturer of the hand held terminal.


Good manufacturers often represent a relatively good quality assurance and service foundation, and also represent a more comprehensive technical application and operational qualifications. The pursuit of low cost is easy to ensure that our product quality and after-sales service are not guaranteed. Beijing Speedata Technology (www.speedatagroup.com) mainly produces hand held terminals, handsets, industrial PDAs, RFID handsets, data collectors and other products, focusing on products of the Internet of Things industry and providing excellent services. Committed to building the IoT PDA brand manufacturer: Speedata.

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