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company news about Preservation period management such as milk, handheld terminal can perform first-in first-out criteria

China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Preservation period management such as milk, handheld terminal can perform first-in first-out criteria

For fresh products such as milk, fruits and vegetables, from the processing of products to the market, no matter what stage is required to implement a fixed standard, that is, first in, first out. In fact, in many retail industry applications, we have to take this into account in the supply relationship. However, the entire life cycle of fresh products is very short-lived. If it cannot be handled quickly according to the situation, taking into account the first-in, first-out criteria will result in greater economic losses and unhealthy operational relationships.


The expert team of RFID handheld terminal manufacturers drafted a new integrated truck recording system development, implementation requirements and target description. The new system requires as little structural adjustment as possible and retains as many existing components as possible. The core of the new scanning process is the RFID handheld terminal card reading system, which is based on the infrastructure of an industrial wireless LAN.


Coordinated by a central control system controller, the new system supports complete data exchange between truck drivers and process control systems, from start to finish to monitoring and management.


Once the truck driver logs in to the system with his RFID handheld terminal at the entrance, the system records the transport-related data. For example: the quality of the raw milk, the type and quantity of the product, etc., and the batch information will appear immediately (unchanged) in the milk station's SattLine process control system.


“In the past, we not only had to enter data at the entrance, but also to enter it in the process control system. Now we have a standardized data storage system. This not only saves time, but also reduces possible errors and gives the plant operator Provides an opportunity to adjust the amount of milk of a certain quality at an early stage."


When the truck is weighed on a calibrated vehicle scale, the process control system directs the driver to a line based on the type of delivery. Once the results of the rapid inhibitor test come out and the driver enters the correct shipping line via RFID, the process control system allows the car to unload.


To ensure that everything in the car is evacuated, the process control system compares the weighing results with the Inductive Flow Measurement (IDM) data from the production area. If the two values ​​match, the truck can proceed to the Position Cleaning (CIP) program.


In this way, the new RFID handheld terminal reader system ensures consistent data throughout the process (trucks come and goes) and provides valuable support in batch traceability and process transparency.


With this solution, we can guarantee that organic and conventional products will not be mixed together. It also helps us meet the requirements of the National Organic Program and provide services during the IFS (International Food Standards) certification process.

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