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company news about RFID handset asset inventory system solution

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China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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RFID handset asset inventory system solution

Each asset device is assigned a unique RFID asset tag, and each inventory worker is assigned a remote RFID handheld terminal. The handheld terminal automatically recognizes and uploads the identified RFID asset tag data to the back-end database, leaving an accurate log for any operation. For assets that are missing from the inventory, you can immediately send a message to the inventory personnel. The inventory personnel can carry the RFID handheld terminal and then go to the site for long-distance inventory. It is not necessary to stop the normal operation of the device, and combined with the wireless communication technology, the data can be transferred to the background database in real time, and the inventory can be easily completed.


RFID handset asset inventory system functional architecture


1. Issue asset tags: Issue an asset tag containing the RFID electronic chip to the asset as the unique identifier for each asset device. The ID of the RFID electronic tag can be associated with the asset bar code of the existing asset management system, facilitating the integrated application of the new RFID system and the old asset management system, and avoiding repeated data entry to increase the workload of the personnel.


2. Asset inventory: The inventory personnel can take the RFID handset separately, and inventory the asset equipment to the site. The RFID handset accesses the office network through the wireless network, and can compare the scanned RFID tag information with the asset accounting information of the background database in real time. The inventory information is immediately updated to the back-end database, and the inventory data does not need to be manually entered again. In addition, the work of the inventory personnel is also an accurate quantitative tracking, because the RFID asset tag is unique, so the inventory personnel must go to the site to collect RFID asset tags, to avoid work omissions and deliberate coping.


Successful case of a port RFID handset asset inventory system


3. Asset tracking: When the asset device is authorized to move, any RFID handheld terminal can identify the asset and record it to the back-end database. If the asset is not authorized to move, there is an alarm message to remind the inventory personnel. The inventory personnel can take photos and hold certificates through the handheld terminal.


4. WEB query statistics: Managers can query the issuance of RFID tags on the WEB side, check the progress of inventory, count the inventory table, and so on.


5. System integration: The RFID asset tracking system can be integrated with the financial asset management system in use to avoid redundant data maintenance, maximize the sharing of data, and at the same time realize the traceability of the profit and loss results.


RFID handset asset inventory system customer value


This program helps enterprises and institutions to realize asset management mode at low cost. Compared with barcode and QR code tracking, the advantages of RFID non-contact remote recognition are more obvious, the operation of personnel is more convenient and faster, the implementation of inventory is more accurate, the inventory cycle can be greatly reduced, and the workload of asset management can be significantly reduced. The system conducts inspections and spot checks on asset equipment, strengthens asset supervision, and gives full play to asset value.

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