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company news about Safe use of natural gas is inseparable from the complete management of gas tanks by hand-held terminals

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Company News
Safe use of natural gas is inseparable from the complete management of gas tanks by hand-held terminals

Liquefied gas is an important life resource that cannot be separated from our lives. With the continuous construction of our gas industry, at this stage we have become a relatively safe special pipeline for high-speed rails and heavy-duty liquefied gas tanks, but in many scenarios we will still use filled gas tanks. So, how do we conduct safety supervision today as we increasingly emphasize safety production operations? Many gas filling organizations now choose to use the handheld terminal RFID handset for comprehensive management.


For a long time, the cylinder filling market has problems such as cross filling, gasping, and the continued use of used cylinders. With the two-dimensional code technology and the explosion-proof handheld terminal RFID handheld scanning and wireless transmission function, these problems can be completely solved, and the informationization level of the safety management of the liquefied gas cylinder can be improved. Simply install the QR code label on the bottle valve of the liquefied gas cylinder used in civil, industrial and hotel restaurants to realize the information management of the whole process of cylinder filling inspection.


Each liquefied gas cylinder has a two-dimensional code label and is fixed on the gas cylinder. Each time the cylinder is tested, filled and delivered, an explosion-proof handheld terminal is used to read the code information of the cylinder and pass the liquefied gas. The supply information supervision platform realizes the whole process tracking of each cylinder inspection, filling, distribution and use.


The two-dimensional code label realizes one bottle and one code, which can not only avoid various kinds of down-draw behaviors in the circulation link, eliminate safety hazards, prevent the occurrence of gas cylinder explosion accidents, and the handheld terminal industrial PDA is beneficial to supervise management and convenient service, and realize gas. Bottle safety and traceability.


In conjunction with this, the liquefied gas cylinder filling and management cloud platform system established by each liquefied gas filling station provides big data support. Before each filling of the gas cylinder, the code information of the gas cylinder should be read, and the liquidity gas cylinder filling and managing cloud platform system should be used for legality discrimination. Only the gas cylinder is determined to be the own property right bottle of the station and is in the detection. During the validity period, the filling switch of the filling gun can be opened and inflated, so that the behavior of filling the non-self-owned bottle, the expired bottle and the scrap bottle by the handheld terminal RFID handheld technology is eliminated.

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