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company news about Smart Express Cabinet Application: Need to be well integrated with hand held terminals

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Company News
Smart Express Cabinet Application: Need to be well integrated with hand held terminals

Smart Express Cabinet Application: Need to be well integrated with hand held terminals


In recent years, the market scope of intelligent express cabinets is constantly expanding. In order to better link customer time and courier work, it is a more convenient and safe express mail deposit management mechanism. It is the “last mile” of the current logistics express industry. Common solution. At present, there are many inevitable details in the actual application, which leads to some operational problems. For example, the user does not understand and experience the effect check, the operator's profit model is not clear and so on. In general, the smart express cabinet is still unable to make ends meet, and is in a state of serious loss. The sustainable development of the industry has entered a crossroads.


Then. What is the main source of the problem? First of all, the user does not understand. It is not realistic to rely solely on the traditional "Express Brother" delivery, and the development of smart terminals such as smart express cabinets is the trend of the times. On the one hand, the signing time is flexible, the goods are safe, and on the other hand, the courier is prevented from repeating the door and improving the delivery efficiency. But what followed was that the previous door-to-door delivery became self-sufficient, and customers often caused overtime charges and caused dissatisfaction when they were busy or forgotten. Although the intelligent express cabinet better solves the efficiency problem of the courier, it is difficult for the courier and the customer to directly connect, and the various demands of the customer cannot be guaranteed, especially for the identification of the goods, such as fresh, prone to hysteresis. It is easy to be ignored by customers only by SMS notification.


And in the last mile, we must also do our duty. The intelligent express cabinet can not be the final link of pure delivery, but also a new beginning. We must establish relevant service mechanisms to enhance the user experience to achieve the best of both worlds. For example, at present, the courier delivery link will use the hand held terminal RFID handset, the industrial PDA to carry out the shipment information at any time and any place.


If we are in the process of express delivery, we will scan the hand held terminal RFID handset for the shipment that needs to be stored in the courier, quickly update the information and synchronize to the logistics system, and send the message to the recipient's mobile phone simultaneously, so that the online line The next two-sided prompt ensures that the user can receive the shipment information in a timely manner. Secondly, when the piece is not picked up within a fixed period of time, it can be prompted in the courier's hand held terminal. At this time, the customer can be reminded by the communication function of the handset, and the user can be urged to avoid the extra cost. In this way, the convenience of the intelligent express cabinet can be truly implemented, and the efficiency can be saved under the premise of ensuring the customer experience, and the “last mile” can be made truly worry-free.

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