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company news about Speedata drug supervision and management RFID hand held terminal solution

China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Speedata drug supervision and management RFID hand held terminal solution

Applications such as handhold have been commonplace in recent years. In many excellent institutions, the one&two-dimensional code wristband based on IoT technology and information storage has been fully used as an electronic medical record for patients, and it is also widely used in some files, blood banks and infusions. In recent years, drug safety has once again become one of the hot topics in the society. Only a good guarantee of supply chain security and market order will not affect, and some unscrupulous enterprises will be eliminated from the source to build a better social environment.


In the food and other supply chains, RFID has long been seen in many mature cases, and drug supervision is also used in the same way as food and other supply chain changeability, so that the use of RFID technology, from the factory to the sale of drugs Each link can be tracked in real time through the special features of RFID. At the same time, the relevant data is recorded and uploaded in real time using the terminal products. At the same time, the popular big data technology is used for screening and publicizing, to a large extent, The safety of the medicine is guaranteed. After all, medicine is a special item, and there are some suppliers on the market who have bad motives. The main role of most medicines is to save lives. However, many people have taken a fancy to the high profits of illegal fraud, and have taken risks to make drugs. In order to avoid the impact of these illegal activities on public safety and delay the patient's disease control and cure, new changeability tracking is urgently needed to control.


Then, how does RFID technology be applied to drug regulation? The application of RFID technology in drug management requires us to place RFID tags on all drugs when they leave the factory, and then equip the relevant departments with hand held terminals and electronic tags. Identify. This way we can know the specific flow of the drug in real time.


The advantage of this system is that it can improve the level of supervision very well. At the same time, because the RFID electronic tag itself has the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting, we can prevent counterfeiting and sales and prevent accident handling through this system. Of course, due to many external originals, the application of RFID and hand held terminals in drug management supervision still has a large market space, and more and more practical functions can be developed, thus creating unlimited possibilities for future supervision and upgrading.


Beijing Speedata Technology focuses on hand held terminal devices, from the collection of the underlying data, to create efficient and reliable management solutions for enterprises.

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