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company news about Speedata hand held terminal anti-counterfeiting application

China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Speedata hand held terminal anti-counterfeiting application

Drugs are a relatively special product. Apart from some medicines mainly based on health care and nutrition, the main role of medicines is to cure diseases and save people. The problem of expensive medical treatment and expensive medical treatment has been raised in various conferences and meetings in recent years, and the drug reform among them has received much attention.

The virtual high of drug prices is the focus of everyone's attention. In the biggest forced market of drugs, under the lure of profit, the fakes in medicines are not only the natural enemies of drug manufacturers, but also make consumers frightened when buying drugs, what kind of anti-counterfeiting methods are used and if the market is eliminated The fakes on the market are a major proposition that the pharmaceutical industry and even the entire pharmaceutical industry are constantly exploring.


The RFID RFID supply chain information platform built with RFID technology can realize real-time tracking and supervision of drugs in production, distribution, distribution and retail. Because RFID electronic tags have the characteristics of large storage capacity, fast transmission speed, and non-counterfeit, through the support of the supply chain platform database, RFID products can be attached to individual medical products, and the drug-related supply can be recorded in the label in real time. Chain information for real-time regulation of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Specific key data for the supply chain can be traced back to when the drug is shipped from the factory and finally reaches the patient through a retailer or hospital.


The use of UHF RFID technology will optimize the production, circulation and sales of the entire pharmaceutical product, and can instantly obtain accurate information flow, improve monitoring during the circulation process, effectively realize anti-counterfeiting, and prevent counterfeit drugs from entering the market.

1. As a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical companies are responsible for attaching UHF electronic tags to pharmaceutical packaging.


2. Distribution-related units (including pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, pharmaceutical retail enterprises, medical institutions) are equipped with special UHF identifiable reading and writing machines. Pharmaceutical enterprises carry out product authenticity identification and circulation information writing operations in the product storage and storage.

3. The drug regulatory department may use a hand-held (portable) identifiable reading and writing machine to conduct on-site inspection and identification of the drug-related units in the warehouse and in-sale drugs.

4. Manage the registration of identity and the issuance of digital certificates for pharmaceutical manufacturers, drug circulation enterprises, pharmaceutical retail enterprises, and medical institutions. The tools used by companies and institutions are also certified and managed through appropriate mechanisms.

5. When a consumer purchases a medicine in a hospital or a pharmacy, the consumer can authenticate the medicine through the identifiable reading/writing machine or the self-identification terminal of the hospital or the pharmacy.

6. The application software of the platform is connected with the information system of the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise, the wholesale enterprise, the retail enterprise, the medical institution and the like through the data interface to realize data exchange. The complete drug circulation record was collected on the platform to realize circulation supervision and Internet authenticity inquiry.


7. Dealers and retailers are equipped with handsets to verify the authenticity of drugs

The sale of medicine is the most important part of the anti-counterfeiting link. Most counterfeit drugs enter the circulation of medicine through loopholes in the sales process. It can be stipulated that pharmaceutical dealers must be equipped with a hand-held machine, and the medicines that are sent must be inspected to ensure that no fake medicines are mixed in. At the same time, sales of high-end medicines are often sold through large shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, etc. The handset can be rented to test the authenticity of the medicine. As a consumer, when purchasing medicine, there is the right to require the retailer to use the hand held device to check the authenticity of the medicine on the spot. If the data can be read successfully, it means that if the data in the label cannot be read, the consumer can refuse to purchase.

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