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company news about Speedata hand held terminal makes the warehouse management orderly

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China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Speedata hand held terminal makes the warehouse management orderly

When it comes to the application of IoT technology or hand held terminal industrial PDA, most people think that its value is limited.really?


Let's compare to verify.


For instance warehousing and daily management of the publishing house.


Problems in the traditional publishing house warehouse management method:


Since the hand held terminal or the RFID hand held automatic identification technology is not used, it is dependent on manual entry of the article code and the position code information. If the management is to be more detailed, a large amount of entry work is inevitable. In order to reduce the management workload, the actual situation is usually to abandon the management of the position, abandon the management of the single item code, or even give up the encoding of the item by batch, one item has only one code, resulting in the following series of problems .


There is no management of batches and manufacturing batches, and the principle of first-in, first-out is not strictly enforced. Lack of management of positions, the system only knows how much inventory there is and does not know where to put it. The warehouse manager finds things by memory and full warehouse, which also affects the implementation of the first-in-first-out principle. With the increase in the variety and quantity of stocks and the sharp increase in the frequency of warehousing and storage, the traditional warehouse operation mode seriously affects the normal operation efficiency. Currently ,Computer warehouse management system is not enough to requirements of fast, accurate and real-time with the intensification of commodity circulation.


After using the IoT application industrial PDA such as a hand held terminal or an RFID handset, the warehousing business can be split into five modules to comprehensively enhance each business segment:


1. Storage: When the book is put into storage, the book information is recorded by scanning the bar code through the hand held terminal or the RFID hand held device, and then the information is transmitted to the background management system to automatically generate the inbound order to realize the automatic storage of the book. The specific process is as follows: when entering the warehouse, the bar code on the large package is collected, and the bar code data on the same tray is transmitted to the data center; the hand held terminal RFID hand held scans the bar code on the tray to establish a one-to-many association between the bar code and the plurality of bar codes. When entering the warehouse, the registration is performed at the storage acceptance office. After analyzing and judging, the data center analyzes the placement position of the item and displays the position number on the large display screen in front of the entrance, scans the bar code, and writes the location information into the bar code. Realize the correspondence between the space location and the bar code, and the staff will store the items in the warehouse according to the location information.


2. Inventory: use the Speedata hand held terminal or RFID handset for warehouse inventory, as long as the staff uses the hand held to point to the bar code on the book to scan, the hand held will automatically read the information collected and stored in the industrial PDA. Or through the industrial PDA data line connection system, transferred to the background management system, to achieve accurate and efficient inventory of inventory.


3. Outbound: Through the background management system, the location of the items to be shipped out is inquired, and the items are taken out. When the items are out of the warehouse, the RFID hand held device is used to view the outbound information, and the hand held terminal scans the book number bar code to select the shipped items, and then You can enter the shipping quantity. The specific process is: when the library is out of the warehouse, the staff takes the invoice to the data center, and finds the storage location of the books to be discharged through the data center. The bar code on the scan tray is scanned, and the whole package bar code information associated with the bar code is sent to the system to form a warehouse receipt; after the data processing center receives the data, the data is updated.


4. Report generation module: At the end of the month, the end of the quarter and the end of the year, the sales report, the purchase report and the automatic generation function of the inventory report, the user customizes the report that needs statistics.


5. Query function: inbound order inquiry, outbound order inquiry, single product inquiry, inventory inquiry.etc. The query is based on a certain condition: the serial number of the tag, the date of the outbound, the outbound customer, the name of the outbound goods, the UID number of the location, and so on.


Comparing and obtaining, the application advantages of hand held terminal RFID handsets in warehousing work are as follows:


1. Improve the efficiency of the warehousing operation, and scan the product bar code with the shortcut keys, even for beginners.


2. Eliminate the step of checking the order with the naked eye to check the goods. Eliminate mistakes in warehousing to achieve proper product management.


3. Effective use of warehousing performance data to reduce the input of order data, improve the accuracy of inventory management.


4. Verify that the indication information is consistent with the bar code scanning result of the hand held terminal to prevent mistakes in shipping and shipping errors. And compared with manual operation, the working speed has been greatly improved.


5. According to the position indication label at the time of storage, the correct placement of the goods is ensured, which greatly save time from the storage to the placement of the goods to the shelves.


6. Eliminate the repetitive work caused by sorting errors without sorting the goods list and achieving paperless operation.


7. When the product is changed, the change information can be easily registered according to the bar code of the shelf and the product. It also eliminates errors and troubles that can occur when the shelf product data is manually entered into the computer.

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