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company news about Speedata hand held terminal ticket management application advantages

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China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Speedata hand held terminal ticket management application advantages

With the development of the times, the traditional ticketing has not been able to meet the needs of people. The efficiency of manual ticket checking is low, especially in the tourist season, which requires a long queue, poor anti-counterfeiting performance, easy to print fake tickets, and cause scenic spots. Losing ticket purchase outlets is too small, ticket purchase is very inconvenient, scenic ticketing relies on manual inventory statistics, high error rate and poor timeliness, tickets can not be reused, easy to cause littering of bills, damage to public sanitation.


Using industrial PDA technology (hand held terminal or RFID handset) can realize the reasonable distribution of hand held terminal equipment according to the flow of people at each ticket gate, and improve the efficiency of ticket checking. The industrial handset can be rationally allocated according to the temporary situation to ensure the accuracy of ticket inspection. Efficient; no need to implement, can be used directly, saving time and cost; using the mobility of RFID handsets, it is convenient for people with disabilities to enter the scenic spot; providing real-time and accurate basis for decision management and financial management


Employees use the hand held terminal to check the ticket and ID card to see if the ticket and the card are the same. Scan the QR code hand held terminal to send the data to the background. The background will count the visitors in the field, and know the location of the vacancy in time, and then do it. The corresponding processing.


The company itself produces its own recognized QR code to prevent the phenomenon of stolen sales. The company's industrial hand held terminal equipment can test the ID card and QR code to realize real-name ticket purchase. The use of industrial PDA technology for ticket inspection can effectively identify the true and false tickets, greatly improving the efficiency and effectively suppressing the fake tickets. At the same time, it also realizes the statistics of the number of people, greatly optimizes the enterprise, and then plans the next strategy of the enterprise according to this data, thereby obtaining greater commercial value. Moreover, the device can be hand-held and can realize a sampling process.


Advantage 1: Through the two-dimensional code test, effectively curb the fake ticket.


Advantage 2: The flexibility of the Speedata hand held, effectively diverting when there are too many people entering the market.


Advantage 3: The convenience of statistics for enterprises is conducive to enterprise optimization.


Advantage 4: It can realize the inspection of real-name ticket purchase.

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