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company news about Speedata new smart handheld terminal will be unveiled at Wuxi IoT Expo

China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Speedata new smart handheld terminal will be unveiled at Wuxi IoT Expo

Since the 21st century, the level of science and technology has gradually improved, and social development has changed with each passing day. Our lives and work have undergone earth-shaking changes. As the pioneering technology in the Internet era, the Internet of Things can be said to be a widely used application in industrial life. In recent years, this technology has become more mature, and combined with intelligent hardware devices to bring new solutions to various industries. The product page of the handheld terminal has gradually been accepted by all walks of life and has become a must-have product. Up to now, it has been innovated from generation to generation, or RFID handsets, or wireless data collectors, all of which are increasingly professional industrial PDA. Beijing Speedata Technology has been focusing on the field of handheld terminals for many years. Recently, it has launched a new series of intelligent terminal hardware, the SD series, to bring new reform breakthroughs for industry users.


Fast data acquisition equipment for storage warehouse management applications - SD35




The SD35 is a handheld device tailored to the application scenarios of fast data acquisition. Generally, in this application environment, we have higher requirements for speed. Relatively speaking, we have to meet several requirements: 1. Simple operation; 2. Fast reading; 3. Convenient input; 4. Environmental requirements ; 5. High portability and comfort. The SD35 is a portable, hand-held mobile handheld terminal for fast data acquisition, keyboard input and glove operation. At the same time, in order to cope with the fast-paced working environment, the sound of the big decibel can be clearly fed back to the user's ear to avoid the leakage of high-density work.


A new generation of industrial mobile phones - SD55




The SD55 features the latest comprehensive screen design, 5.5-inch IPS high-brightness screen, and 720*1440 resolution for a perfect visual experience. Secondly, the 8-core 2.0Ghz processor and the Android8.1 operating system have made a big breakthrough in the current mainstream device configuration. In addition, the SD55 handheld uses a lot of user-friendly design, such as the U-shaped rear shell to ensure the user's grip, not easy to fatigue. The unique nameplate design of the rear shell can better meet the needs of users, and facilitate the division and unified management of equipment. There is also a unique color matching and professional antibacterial material (SD55MD) for the medical industry, which is an upgrade of the new generation of medical nurse stations.


A new generation of butt-type UHF equipment power - SD60RT




Ultra high frequency (UHF) equipment has always been the mainstream handheld terminal device, which is what we often call RFID handsets. As a relatively long-distance scanning and reading, UHF equipment has been favored by the industry and used in various industries. However, in the actual operation process, many of the original equipment are always somewhat unsatisfactory. For example, UHF handheld terminal modules are generally relatively large, and frequent scanning in the retail industry leads to strong user fatigue; in addition, the energy consumption of UHF RFID handheld devices is large, and there are often battery life problems during the work process. Excessive consumption leads to unguaranteed working hours. And all this will no longer exist on the SD60RT. The innovative butt-type design better considers the operating habits during use, feels comfortable and is easy to operate. Secondly, the battery capacity of the fuselage is fully broken, and the backup battery is set in the handle, and the double guarantee is used for the work. The battery inside the handle can be quickly disassembled and replaced, and the endurance is maximized.

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