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company news about Speedata SD55MD, the leader in the new generation of medical handheld terminals.

China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Speedata SD55MD, the leader in the new generation of medical handheld terminals.

Speedata SD55MD, the leader in the new generation of medical handheld terminals.


The informatization of medical services has always been the unremitting pursuit of the entire international community. Various constructions based on modern science and technology and information technology have greatly enhanced the service capabilities and market competitiveness of a medical institution. In particular, equipment applications such as handheld terminals, that is, some of our common mobile nurse stations and other applications combined with the corresponding management platform, can not only improve the efficiency of medical staff at the current stage, but also have great advantages in the handling of doctor-patient relationship. . Can increase the trust between each other and the patient's satisfaction with the hospital. Therefore, the construction of information-based medical service platform and some new types of medical information terminal equipment have become a new direction of modern medical development.

latest company news about Speedata SD55MD, the leader in the new generation of medical handheld terminals.  0

Deepening medical reform is inseparable from the application of handheld terminals. The most important data source for the digitization, networking and informationization of medical services is the collection, storage, processing, extraction and data exchange of patient information and management information between hospital departments, and meet the functional requirements of all authorized users. Therefore, medical handheld terminals are indispensable in the development of information technology. In response to the actual needs of the medical industry application, Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd. combined with years of application experience, launched a new generation of medical handheld terminal - SD55MD, to help medical information to a broader future.


Ingenuity creates a boutique. The SD55MD is a smart terminal device designed for medical industry applications. We all know that medical care can be said to be a special existence compared to many industrial scenarios. As far as the appearance of the structure is concerned, other applications may require our equipment to have a high degree of protection and fall protection, but in the medical environment, we must not only consider these, but also require the equipment to have a high degree of antibacterial ability to meet medical needs. Some disinfection requirements. After many years of application practice, SD55MD selects special antibacterial material on the outer shell profile. The blue and white outer shell can not only meet the protection level of IP67, but also meet the requirements of repeated disinfection and wiping in the application.


Secondly, SD55MD adopts Android8.1 system with eight-core 2.0GHz high-performance CPU, which has powerful data processing capability; supports multiple communication means, meets medical data multi-method real-time transmission, supports secondary development, and has high application flexibility; In addition, SD55MD can add user nameplate according to medical needs and combine blue and white color combination with comprehensive screen design appearance, which is called "white angel" in the terminal industry.


Beijing Speedata Technology mainly produces handheld terminals, handsets, industrial PDAs, RFID handsets, data collectors and other products with innovative customization capabilities in the same industry, focusing on the productization of the Internet of Things industry technology and providing excellent services. Committed to building the IoT PDA brand manufacturer: Speedata.

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