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company news about Speedata Technology's new product - SD55LG logistics handheld terminal

China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Speedata Technology's new product - SD55LG logistics handheld terminal

Handheld terminals are data acquisition and processing devices that are often used in many industrial fields in recent years. They are artificial intelligence hardware products with special functions. As an important means of informatization in the industrial field, all walks of life have a wide and broad definition of handheld terminals: in the case of a certain demand, it is called a data collector, which is used to quickly read a tag by scanning. Or the information content in the bar code is processed; under another demand, it is also called RFID handset, which can realize non-contact reading of different distances by loading RF modules of different frequency bands; there is also a special industrial protection level and Product characteristics, compared to mobile phones and other equipment with a higher level of protection to support such high and low temperature, anti-corrosion, waterproof and other industrial needs, but also become an industrial PDA. Therefore, handheld terminals have always been a general concept, and are more versatile devices that can be used in multiple industries and multiple scenarios. As long as there is a need for data collection or a regulation of the quality of the equipment, it is the soil of its application.

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But this also has some drawbacks of application. We all understand that the intelligent and information-based implementation of handheld terminals for all walks of life at this stage has greatly improved the production efficiency and management level of many enterprise managers or industry users, and even has become a multi-faceted development and reform. power. However, versatility has also become a paradox for handheld terminals at this stage: we can meet the application needs of multiple scenarios in multiple industries, but due to the differences in applications, the device can not be perfect in the application. For example, the size of the workload, the user's operating habits, industry-specific equipment requirements, etc., which lead to some details are not very well handled. Therefore, in order to achieve the applicability to the industry and achieve a higher degree of intelligence, Beijing Speedata Technology will innovate and design a new logistics express individual for the future development of the logistics industry and the comprehensive requirements for the use of terminal equipment at this stage. The application of the handheld terminal, the SD55LG, brings a new hardware terminal solution to the industry.


In the application of several in-depth logistics scenarios, we found that the traditional handheld terminal equipment will be slightly insufficient in some aspects: 1. The demand for express logistics is increasing year by year, and the heavy workload leads to problems in the scanning performance of the equipment; 2. Batch work In the middle, the battery's battery life is not guaranteed; 3. The long-term batch data collection causes problems in the operation of the device, causing the situation such as Caton; 4. The scanning tone in the special scene is not loud enough, in order to avoid the need for the sweep Scan; 5. High protection level design is difficult to be compatible with stable signal strength, but the signal is weak and so on.


The SD55LG is a new handheld terminal device tailored for individual operations in the field of logistics and express delivery. Nowadays, the most popular 5.5-inch high-definition full-screen design, 18:9 slim screen, large visible area; PC+TPU soft plastic, two-color injection molding, face value burst table, comfortable grip. In addition, the SD55LG is groundbreaking with the Android8.1 system and equipped with an eight-core 2.0GHz high-performance CPU, combined with 4+32G memory bulk data processing to easily deal with. 4500mAh large capacity battery, support charger, TP-C, fast charge, wireless charging. Front 1609 large speakers, dual mic noise reduction, can be applied to any noisy environment. The combination of ceramic antenna and u-blox chip achieves high-precision differential positioning GPS, and supports functions such as NFC and PN548. The equipment has a high degree of protection, and the 1.5M height six-sided drop can easily cope with the environment or drop problems encountered during operation. At the same time, the professional scanning module can quickly collect information without jamming.

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