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company news about The "7" reason for using handheld terminals in mold traceability management

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Company News
The "7" reason for using handheld terminals in mold traceability management

In the production activities of many manufacturing, especially some high-tech enterprises, it is often involved in some abrasive tools such as mold opening. Let's take common electronic hardware devices as an example. Each product needs to be finely opened. In the management of molds, if there are subtle differences, it will seriously affect the future production line of the equipment, causing huge economic losses, and the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, an application is needed to quickly distinguish device information, which is why we use handheld terminal RFID handsets.


The main advantages of RFID mold equipment management systems over other types of identification systems (barcode identification) are non-contact data acquisition and RF tag read/write operations. High recognition rate, adaptability, resistance to light, temperature, humidity, dust, grease, and chemical reagents are also the reasons why the handheld terminal RFID handset management system is suitable for use in special environments for various industries. Data collection and daily business management, establishment of mold information RFID management platform, support mold management important business processes, improve the efficiency of core business processes such as warehousing, storage, inventory, etc. have significant effects. Achieve automatic identification, information sharing and tracking, resulting in improved productivity, accuracy and profitability of customer service.


With continuous practical use, we found that handheld terminals have seven advantages in this scenario:


1. suitable for dirty, dust, supermarkets and other harsh environments. As an industrial handheld terminal device, it can not only be waterproof and dust-proof, but also more inclined to design in a messy environment, such as a high-volume speaker, to create favorable conditions for use.


2.non-contact long-distance fast automatic identification, batch reading. RFID handset technology is the mainstream of Internet of Things technology applications in the modern era. It can directly collect data and process it under the premise of clutter or occlusion.


3. Reduce time, maintenance, improve processes and improve efficiency;


4. Collect information, be accurate and timely, and keep the information symmetrical;


5, rapid response, traceability management, improve customer satisfaction;


6. Optimize time processing to improve productivity and accuracy;


7.Reduce costs, including labor, library management, and total cost of ownership. The application of information equipment and technical means can often save manpower and material resources, which is also a great advantage of our handheld terminal RFID handset application. In the past, we needed multiple data acquisitions controlled by multiple executives to improve. Now, the whole process of sharing is shared, and the information update is one-click operation, which can improve the efficiency by nearly 100 times in the data link.

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