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company news about The four stages of the value of handheld terminals in anti-counterfeiting and traceability applications

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Company News
The four stages of the value of handheld terminals in anti-counterfeiting and traceability applications

We all know that at this stage, enterprises in the anti-counterfeiting and traceability application of products are based on RFID handsets such as handheld terminals. As an information interaction and collection device, I believe many people will question whether this application can truly achieve product anti-counterfeiting traceability. Some people even think that this is an image project, but it is not. Today we will go deep into this application and clearly understand the four core value applications in the enterprise product supply system.


Phase 1, Data Center: Today's society is the era of big data. Based on the collection of basic information and the management of core data, enterprises can grasp the market trend and make reasonable decisions according to the status quo. Combined with related IoT technology, the entire process of each product can be controlled. This is also an important guarantee for product quality in the anti-counterfeiting traceability system. The handheld terminal RFID handset has multi-channel multi-channel reading means and application modules, which can be combined with different environments for reasonable data collection.


Phase 2, System Management: In order to fully grasp the production details, reduce the production cost, and supply the market in a targeted manner, this series is inseparable from our market demand forecast and a high awareness of ourselves. Industrial PDAs can enhance a company's self-improvement ability and create core values.


Stage 3, user inquiry: When the product is fully inflow into the sales market or retail machine, consumers often have a series of viewing requirements, such as original factory information and production technology, which is our important anti-counterfeiting link. In order to improve customer satisfaction and increase the market viability of the enterprise, only the handheld terminal RFID handset is required to quickly scan and read relevant information for comprehensive viewing, so that customers can feel at ease and use it with confidence.


Stage 4, traceability application: The problem is not terrible, the terrible thing is that it can't be found. For the enterprise, every small link may bring differences. If you can't find it, it's a real disaster for a company. Reasonable traceability of details, clear division of responsibilities, can minimize market harm, and improve the personal responsibility of relevant executives.

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