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company news about The handheld terminal in the comprehensive mine detection system is so important

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Company News
The handheld terminal in the comprehensive mine detection system is so important

Rich mineral resources are a precious asset left by nature for mankind. When it comes to mining, the first reaction is the frequent occurrence of various dangerous accidents. Although the development of science and technology in the present era has brought a variety of protective measures, there are always certain safety hazards. Since mining, mining and other activities have their own unique and complex applications, many times we need to establish an intelligent mine comprehensive monitoring system to solve the safety hazards in the application and work environment. And a comprehensive upgrade of efficiency. Handheld terminals and RFID handsets, as an indispensable industrial PDA in mine work, also play a vital role.


More and more coal mine management departments are now using handheld terminals and networks to manage and monitor the normal production and safety of mines. The application of the RFID handset has the following advantages:


1. In the daily safety inspection activities, the use of handheld terminals can ensure the authenticity, reliability and accuracy of the monitoring data.


Inspection is an important means to maintain safe and effective operation of equipment and stifle safety hazards. This is especially true for special industry scenarios such as mines. Take coal mines as an example. Whether it is daily gas leak detection or pipeline equipment inspection, it is closely related to safety production. But for managers, the accuracy of information needs to be absolutely reliable. Based on the inconvenience of information between the points, the RFID handset can be processed quickly. And update the status in time, accurate and reliable, at a glance.


2. Solved the problem of supervision and management of inspection personnel.


The management of personnel has always been a relatively lacking module. We also take the application of coal mine as an example. Whether the inspection of underground equipment is in place is related to the production safety lifeline. The application of the handheld terminal can implement the work in place. Fix the label by device positioning and scanning.


3. Achieve comprehensive visual supervision and timely and effective data transmission and communication.


To comprehensively improve the safety supervision level of mining enterprises and enhance the early warning response capability of enterprises, society and government to disasters, an integrated and reliable monitoring system requires the implementation of software and hardware. At present, a complete system includes: sensor system, data transmission system, data processing and control system and auxiliary function application series. In the special scene, the general industrial PDA can not meet the needs of this application. Handheld terminal RFID handsets, etc., as a reliable, functional and durable device, are ubiquitous. Handheld terminals bring new hardware solutions for specialized industry scenarios and industrial activities.

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