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company news about The meaning of handheld terminals used in garbage sorting

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Company News
The meaning of handheld terminals used in garbage sorting
Latest company news about The meaning of handheld terminals used in garbage sorting

In order to reduce the land occupation, improve the quality of life of residents, while avoiding the non-degradable substances in domestic garbage, the land is seriously eroded. Waste sorting has become a primary requirement for the global ecological environment. The removal of substances that can be recycled and not easily degraded can reduce the amount of waste by more than 50%. Second, it can reduce environmental pollution. For example, discarded batteries contain toxic substances such as metallic mercury and cadmium, which are harmful to human health. Therefore recycling can reduce the hazard.


In order to better realize the intelligent garbage sorting system, Beijing Speedata Technology realizes the one-to-one real-name system of garbage sorting by using the handheld terminal RFID handheld device and the application of the industrial PDA software level, and implements garbage sorting and recycling. To make waste reduction, resource, and harmless. Make sure the garbage is sorted.latest company news about The meaning of handheld terminals used in garbage sorting  0


The handheld terminal RFID handset assists the garbage sorting system and is optimized from the following four links:


1. Industrial PDAs combine intelligent hardware devices such as smart garbage sorting boxes and smart garbage bag dispensers.

Smart Garbage Sorting Box: It is mainly used for users to put "food waste" and "other garbage" and is widely used. It replaces the open trash can. Its beautiful image is conducive to beautifying the environment. The main functions are: human body induction, intelligent scan code, security anti-pinch, data analysis, overflow alarm, solar power supply, smoke alarm, disinfection and compression. Customers can choose different functions according to their own needs, and get the points correctly by sending garbage every day. The points can be exchanged for online goods and physical stores for the required goods such as smart garbage bags.


Intelligent garbage bag dispenser: The garbage bag is mainly collected by means of handheld terminal RFID handheld scanning smart card, and the number of garbage bags can be customized according to the owner's request. The promotional content of the display can be replaced at any time, supporting video, pictures and other formats.


2. Inspectors

The inspectors can use the industrial PDA such as the handheld terminal RFID handset to scan the smart garbage bag dispenser to extract the garbage bag with the QR code and distribute it to each user. The user can correctly put the garbage through the garbage bag. The personnel can scan the two-dimensional code on the smart garbage sorting box and the two-dimensional code of each garbage bag in the garbage bin through the handheld terminal to score whether the user correctly delivers the garbage, and the user can obtain the corresponding points, and the data is temporarily retained in the handheld terminal. Or inside an RFID handset.


3. The intelligent inspectors upload the data to the intelligent supervision center through the handheld terminal.


4.The garbage truck transports the garbage to the end treatment equipment for treatment, and reuses the waste or incinerates the landfill according to the type of garbage.

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