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company news about Three advantages of inventory management hand held terminals

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Three advantages of inventory management hand held terminals



As one of the most popular industrial PDA in the industrial field, hand held terminal RFID has become a common equipment for many enterprises, efficient and fast information collection and real-time reliable data transmission, making this equipment more and more people. The combination of Internet of Things technology and Internet of Things, the connection of objects, is more widely used in many identification applications.Take warehousing management as an example, set a special bar code or label for each item, and then use a professional hand held terminal RFID PDA to identify, change information, and enter it all at once. The company has benefited a lot from the storage and storage, storage and sales. Today we will detail the three advantages of hand held applications.


In the past, it was very difficult to complete the store inventory by the traditional manual method of “manual inventory, paper recording, and then importing into the computer”. However, the daily active inbound and outbound products cannot quickly complete the data collection, which is easy to cause the loss of data lag. The inventory work is time-consuming and labor-intensive, the workload is large and the error rate is high. So how to quickly and accurately collect the inventory data is A problem that needs urgent solution.


For the current inventory management needs of many large warehouses, we design inventory management solutions. Each warehouse administrator is equipped with RFID bar code hand held terminal equipment for accurate data collection. The RFID bar code hand held terminal has a customized inventory system. Perform inventory, query, and import and export operations. The automatic entry, summary, modification, query and analysis functions of the inventory count data are realized. At the same time, in order to ensure the accuracy of the data, the function of the re-disc is added, and the discard difference can be verified and recorded, so that the daily inventory problem is obviously improved. The RFID bar code hand held terminal automatically reads the bar code to avoid mistakes and unnecessary errors caused by the naked eye recognition and recording of the employee. At the same time, the RFID bar code hand held terminal can be completed almost simultaneously from reading to storage to uploading to the server-side database, eliminating the need to input the computer one by one after the employee level is completed.


The solution relies on the lightweight and durable RFID bar code hand held terminal, and uses the mature wireless network technology to interact with the background data to realize real-time and high-efficiency inventory, and achieves better application value:


1, saving time and efficiency: greatly reducing the workload of the staff and improving work efficiency


2, accurate inventory: the establishment of a complete database of information for the store.


3. The timeliness is greatly improved. The collected bar code information is displayed on the HD screen of the RFID bar code hand held terminal in real time, and can be checked at any time, and the data is transmitted and updated in time.


In order to achieve efficient work efficiency, nowadays, more and more storage warehouse management and storage and sales are beginning to use the hand held terminal RFID PDA for management.


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