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company news about Warehousing warehouse library management new artifact - Speedata Technology SD35

China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
China Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd certification
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Warehousing warehouse library management new artifact - Speedata Technology SD35

Warehousing warehouses have always been a nightmare for countless managers. An unhealthy warehouse management state is a messy and unreasonable chaos for the management of the company. It is a cost center and base without added value. Uncontrollable inventory status, information on transportation and distribution activities is difficult to change, and cannot be planned, organized, controlled, and coordinated based on real-time data. In recent years, based on the principle of efficient management, the Internet of Things technology has begun to be applied to the warehousing field of enterprises, and the objects are connected, and in a series of circulation stages such as storage and storage, it has become a key factor for the successful operation of enterprises. Industrial PDA such as handheld terminals can change information at the touch of a button, helping companies make decisions to create a healthy and healthy supply environment.


The core content of the warehousing business can be divided into five main parts: warehousing operations, warehousing management, outbound operations, financial settlement and query statements. The warehouse is used as a bridge between the supplier and the demand side. From the perspective of the supplier, the warehouse as a distribution center is engaged in efficient circulation processing, inventory management, transportation and distribution activities. From the perspective of the demand side, warehouses as distribution centers must meet the needs of a wide range of customers with maximum flexibility and timeliness. Therefore, the application of handheld terminals is of great significance for enterprise warehouse management.


Nowadays, IoT handheld terminal applications are the most common in warehouse management. In general, there are a variety of different applications depending on the data collection methods required. However, as an industrial PDA device, the handheld terminal has a wide range of applications, which leads to many designs failing to take into account the specific details in practical applications. In order to better meet the needs of enterprises for warehousing management, Beijing Speedata Technology independently designed and developed a new generation of intelligent handheld terminals, SD35, for the working characteristics of warehouses and related personnel operating habits and hardware requirements.


The SD35 is a lightweight and portable handle-type terminal device. Accurate acquisition, speed scanning. Built for warehousing applications, it's easy to handle high-intensity scanning.


3.5-inch screen, high-definition highlighting. It can easily deal with the working environment of the warehouse and the data information is clear at a glance.


Full keyboard design, support glove operation, with water touch, to meet a variety of operating habits, applications can be handy.


The curved handle design perfectly fits the operator for the ultimate comfort. In the actual operation, according to the work habits of the workers, we chose a handle design with a higher degree of ergonomics and operating habits.


Side buttons for easy triggering. The scanning unit is placed on the side of the device and is easy to reach with one hand.


Powerful and durable, stylish and compatible. The SD35 is extremely durable, and the device can be dropped to a height of 1.5m on all six sides. The protection grade is IP65.


Support WiFi / Bluetooth / 4G, etc., multi-communication means to ensure data transmission, secondary development, to meet the needs of various applications.


Beijing Speedata Technology www.speedatagroup.com mainly produces handheld terminals, handsets, industrial PDA, RFID handsets, data collectors and other products with innovative customization capabilities in the same industry, focusing on the productization of the Internet of Things industry technology, and providing excellent service. Committed to building the IoT PDA brand manufacturer: Speedata.

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