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company news about What are the advantages of using mobile terminals for mobile information communication in industrial scenarios?

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Company News
What are the advantages of using mobile terminals for mobile information communication in industrial scenarios?

Mobile phones are one of the essential devices in the daily life of our society. As a link between people's information transmission, it can quickly help people in different places to establish contact. And through the advancement of science and technology and the changing theme of the times, it is not just communication. At this stage, our clothing, food, housing and transportation are inseparable from mobile phones. Such as mobile payment, there are many convenient lives based on mobile phone platforms and lifestyle software. Similarly, in our industrial production environment, there are often multiple stages and multiple stages that need to be established quickly. At the same time, we can also use such handheld devices or RFID handsets to achieve some special needs of the scene. This is what we often call the industrial PDA system.


Mobile communication data terminal is a handheld terminal that can realize mobile communication. This kind of product is similar to mobile phone, but unlike mobile phone, it has some functions that are not available in mobile phones, such as barcode scanning, IC card reading and writing, etc. In the industry's system. Taking the application of the financial industry as an example, in order to avoid problems in some mobile phone applications, the use of special handheld terminal devices will bring important advantages to this industry.


After using the RFID handheld terminal, the banknote dispensing center can carry out planning routes for driving, and the handheld terminal can upload the geographical location information of the vehicle in real time, and communicate with the banknote dispensing center in real time. When the cash and the item are sent to the ATM machine, the handover person and the password are confirmed by the handheld terminal, and each step of the process is recorded and sent to the management center.

The RFID handheld terminal brings the following improvements to the cash dispensing center: 1. Improvement of security: The dynamic password lock can be set, and the password is not required to be stored by the 4G network. The password is applied to the headquarters in real time through the 4G network, and the password is valid once; The risk of keeping your password and automatically alerting you when you turn it off or forget it. 2 to achieve refined management: personnel can be verified by fingerprint login. It can also collect and transmit data in real time for each step of the banknotes, and realize the refined management of the process. If an accident occurs, it can be traced back and forth in time

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