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company news about What are the application areas of handheld? What is the point?

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Company News
What are the application areas of handheld? What is the point?

When it comes to handheld terminals, I have to mention the Internet of Things. This year, the Internet of Things connected with things can be said to be a new idea for the development of all walks of life. In the face of new opportunities, IoT technology offers more details and possibilities that can be optimized. The emergence of RFID handsets provides the perfect hardware guarantee for the implementation of all these applications. Using RFID technology and scanning electronic tags to quickly collect data and transmit it to the back-end storage. After years of efforts, it has been applied in the logistics, retail, warehousing, medical, public utilities and other industries. What changes have the handheld terminals made in these industries?


The application of handheld terminal RFID handset in logistics is the requirement of modern logistics development. Its technology is the integration and integration of automatic identification technology, wireless communication technology and database technology. It is an important development direction of automatic acquisition and real-time transmission of modern logistics information. China's mainstream logistics express delivery enterprises have already realized the handheld terminal RFID handset system and integrated information platform and run online, and implemented the synchronous operation of the data collector. It has been widely used in the national express logistics receiving and investment links.


In the general store, there will be special personnel responsible for picking goods, some in the retail area, and some in the storage area. Each employee will be equipped with a mobile handheld terminal. The mobile handheld terminal has a total of goods receipt, return, shelf, inventory, transfer, packaging, review, etc. A variety of functions, from inventory management, picking to distribution.


For nurses, the daily inspection work is full of content and error-prone. For example, when measuring the body temperature information such as body temperature and blood pressure, it is generally necessary to pass the measurement-paper record-manual input system multiple steps, which is inefficient and error-prone. With the mobile care PDA, you can enter the system directly after measurement, accurate and efficient. Compared with traditional medical methods, mobile care systems can generally increase the efficiency of medical care by 60%. The introduction of mobile care PDA reflects the full application of modern information technology in the field of health care. It will promote the information construction of hospital nursing work and is the development trend of digital hospitals.


One of the features of the handheld terminal device is its portable data collector function, which enables the first-line police to collect information, compare and input data, and avoid the police running back and forth between the incident and the office. Therefore, the handheld terminal device needs to be equipped with a high-definition camera, a noise-reducing microphone, and other functions including a built-in high-precision GPS, an RFID handset module, and the like, and can be connected to a hidden camera, an ID card/fingerprint recognition back clip, First-line police officers can complete on-site forensics work such as high-fidelity on-site photo, video, and recording through equipment.


And the existence of all this brings more opportunities and development to the future of our industry. From a future perspective, we have opened up a new mindset that can accomplish some difficult details in our work life through more intelligent means. From a practical point of view, intelligent equipment application has broadened the development of the industry to a large extent, while reducing the cost of human and material resources, it can also improve the efficiency at the current stage.

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