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company news about What are the features of the parking charge handheld terminal?

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Company News
What are the features of the parking charge handheld terminal?

At present, many parking lot charge management have begun to use handheld terminals to improve the inaccuracies of manual timing and billing, manual copying, low efficiency, and unmanageable supervision. The parking fee handheld terminal is dedicated to the implementation of parking fee management. The equipment has the characteristics of information collection, scanning identification, wireless communication, printing, etc., and has become the mainstream product of current roadside parking charges. So what are the features of the parking charge handheld terminal?


What are the functional characteristics of the parking charge handheld terminal? The parking charge handheld terminal can reduce the current manual intervention behavior in the parking lot charge management work, and make the parking lot charge management work move toward informationization and mobility. Let's take a look at the role of parking lot handheld terminals in parking management. What are the features?

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The functional features of the Symbita parking toll handheld terminal are summarized as follows:


First, when the vehicle enters the market


After the vehicle enters the management area, the staff uses the handheld terminal to collect and identify the license plate number to form an entry record. The system starts automatic timing and the status of the updated parking space is "Occupied".


Second, the license plate number collection and identification


As the only "identity card" of the vehicle, the license plate number is an important basis for the parking lot to charge. The handheld can integrate the license plate recognition algorithm, and the vehicle frame number can be quickly and accurately identified and collected by simply aligning the scan frame with the vehicle license plate number.


Third, when the vehicle leaves the field


The staff uses the Spirent handheld terminal parking lot to charge the handheld terminal to scan and identify the license plate number. The system obtains information such as the parking fee and the parking fee based on the vehicle arrival time, playing time and parking time.


Fourth, the convenience of paying fees


The system automatically calculates and generates the amount of the payment according to the parking time of the vehicle. A variety of payment methods, you can use Alipay, WeChat scan code payment or cash payment to determine that after the payment has been received, the parking lot charge handheld terminal automatically prints the small ticket. There is no need to use a separate printer.


Five, networking features


Spitzer handheld terminal supports wifi, 4G/3G/2G, Bluetooth multiple network modes, with efficient data processing and transmission capabilities


The function features of the parking charge handheld terminal are shared. The Spitzer parking charge management system consists of three parts: the handset + parking charge APP + background management system, which fully supports the operation and maintenance of the parking lot operator and the management and control end. Based on the Internet of Things and cloud computing platform, the vehicle entry and exit registration is carried out by collecting vehicle license plate numbers, and the charging rules are customized. The system automatically calculates the parking time and parking fees according to this, and completes the parking fee collection and ticket printing work. The manager can check the parking space usage status and amount income of each regional parking lot at any time on the PC or mobile phone. It is the perfect implementation of efficient management of parking resources, providing efficient, convenient and orderly services for urban transportation and parking.

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