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company news about What are the inventory counts and inventory management equipment in retail stores?

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Company News
What are the inventory counts and inventory management equipment in retail stores?

As a resource distribution system that is very common in social life, the retail industry is the main channel for obtaining living resources in our daily life. Whether it's clothing, food, housing, and travel, we need to have a lot of direct and inextricable relationships with retail. Imagine if the clothes in the mall suddenly went out of stock one day, and the food in the supermarket suddenly became in short supply, which would bring great social confusion. This will involve an important strategy for contemporary retail operations, namely, import and export management. At this stage, good market order and retail environment are inseparable from inventory and management equipment such as handheld terminals and RFID handsets, which is what we often call industrial PDAs.


Many retailers also face the challenge of in-store inventory mastery. Fortunately, after the advancement of machine vision RFID handheld terminals and data analysis, retail inventory can be clearly viewed to grasp the current status of commodity inventory, and can also enhance the customer experience. And connect with employees and customers to improve the visibility of more advanced business.


The RFID handheld terminal grasps all the conditions in the store through accurate data, and provides the information required by the retailer to increase sales volume, reduce operating costs, and innovate the customer experience. It can help retailers execute successful full-path logistics strategies and avoid missing sales opportunities, providing deeper product visibility for retail operations. In other words, the RFID handheld terminal can turn the entire store into a smart store, transforming the data into easy-to-understand mobile intelligence by automatically sensing and recording the location and motion path of almost all objects in the store, such as goods, colleagues, customers and in-store assets. .


In order to successfully meet consumer demand, retailers must ensure that internal processes are at their best and face the importance of asset protection, inventory accuracy and full-path logistics. RFID handheld terminals allow retailers to achieve up to 97% dynamic inventory accuracy. With unprecedented control technology, commercial operating costs can be reduced and simplified, while increasing sales and reducing labor costs. This improvement in inventory mastery is expected to improve the logistics process of the entire channel, helping operators to complete online orders faster and more accurately and increase the efficiency of in-store picking.


At this stage, our equipment in retail is generally using ultra-high frequency RFID technology. In this way, the physical occlusion can be ignored to some extent, and the label is collected in a non-contact form. This is in line with the retail warehousing characteristics and related management models. For example, some barcodes and two-dimensional equipment may be insufficient if they are on a high shelf or in bulk. Therefore, at this stage, retail stores often use high-frequency equipment to achieve management.

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